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Android Desktop Manager

The Best Android Desktop Manager 2016: Manage Phone from PC

If you want to manage your Android smartphone’s apps, multimedia, files, contacts and messages, then you can use Android Desktop Manager.

This is the age of Android Devices. However, some Android users can not manage their thousands of contacts, messages and files. In this condition, you can manage your Android phone with PC.

There are some useful apps & android desktop managers to manage android device from the PC, and here we listed the best Android Desktop Manager softwares. So you can choose a best Android manger for your PC, please have a look.

Best Android Desktop Manager App List

AirDroid ( www.airdroid.com )

It is my favorite android desktop manager because It runs off a web browser, and has a lot of impressive features such as send/read text messages from your PC, reject incoming calls, manage your contacts, messages, apps ( install/remove ) and multimedia, create ringtones, and paste URL links to your Android device from your PC. With AirDroid, you can also see your device’s current location, and monitor your phone’s front/rear camera in PC. The most impressive feature of the AirDroid is that it doesn’t Need any drivers on your PC.


( www.mobogenie.com )

It is only available for the windows platform with clean user interface and big icon. To manage your media, files, contacts and messages you can easily access phone storage. It has a backup/restore option to backup your phone data in your PC. With the Mobogenie, you can send message to more peoples in the same time. It’s app manager will use your desktop internet connection to access Google Play and allow you to download your favorite Android apps on PC. You can also install your downloaded Android apps in your smartphone without internet connection.

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( www.snappea.com )

SnapPea browser based version is one of the android desktop management tools that runs directly off your computer’s web browser and available for both MAC and windows PCs. You must install a free application on your phone to use the SnapPea, and then you can Access & Control your phone over Wi-Fi connectivity via Web Browser. It has the same features as the AirDroid, including manage contacts, apps, messages and share files between android devices and computers. SnapPea can also import music from your iTunes library.


( www.moborobo.com )

One of the most powerful android desktop manager works with both IOS and Android devices. Moborobo lets you see battery level, firmware version and available storage of your Android device. With this tool, you can send/answer your messages, take a screenshot of connected device, manage your contacts, Apps ( install or remove ) and multimedia files. You can also send your data to multiple devices. Moborobo has its own Backup/Restore feature that lets you create backups/Restore backups manually.

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( www.mobiledit.com )

Its free lite version tool allows you to access basic functions only. It’s easy to setup. You can connect your Android phone to your PC using a USB cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity options. Mobiledit!Lite android desktop manager supports all the smartphones and some feature phones. With Mobiledit!Lite, you can get information about your device, send messages, install important updates and manage your files. Mobiledit!Lite premium gives you duplicate contacts remove option along with automatic backup feature.


( www.qtadb.com )

The open source android desktop manager is available for Linux, MAC and Windows PC. It comes with a basic interface, but it has a similar feature set to Moborobo, as well as numerous other android desktop managers. With QtADB, you can take screenshots of your Android smartphone, manage your contacts, edit contacts, send messages, install or remove apps and data transfer.


( http://pocket.do )

If you’re thinking android is too complicated, then you need to think about pocket.do android desktop manager . It is a browser based android desktop management tool similar to the AirDroid. You can connect your phone to PC using Facebook, google account or scan the QR code on the browser. Once connected you can manage your contacts, messages, photos. Besides data management on Android devices, it also can locate your smartphone via Map and lock your device.


If you do not want to manage your device via a PC, then you can choose the notifications option. PC NOTIFICATIONS can alert you to new messages and calls with a pop-up alert in PC. It also instantly alerts when your smartphone’s battery is low. It will use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to send notifications from your Android Device to your Mac or Windows PC. For this you need to download REMOTE NOTIFIER on https://code.google.com/p/android-notifier/.

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Teamviewer remote is the most popular software and it also supports the Samsung device. You can use Android Device Manager to remotely access your Android device. First, you need to install TeamViewer on your PC, It support the TeamViewer app immediately, and now you can go ahead easily.

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