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Fax Apps

Fax Apps 2016: How To Send Fax Via Android, iOS Devices

If I say only with a couple of tap, you can send fax via Android and iOS fax apps. So, it is surprising for you. There are plenty of applications available in the Google Play Store for various purposes. If we talk about those apps which is used for communication such as WhatsApp, Hike and much more.

On the other hand, if we want to make communication through emails. We have also numerous apps like Gmail, Yahoo mail and Rediff mail etc. Even, we can make communication with each other via numerous video calling apps like Skype and imo etc. And Whatsapp and Hike also provide their calling facility. And It’s too good.

I think that most of the people wouldn’t have thought about sending a Fax with the help of Android fax apps ever. Now, you can feel shocking with that thought. And you didn’t think about that. Because, there are plenty of apps which is available to us for communicating. So, who will think?. But sometimes if, we want to send fax instead of email. So, apps are available on Google Play Store for sending faxes.

Here, I came to tell you – How can we send faxes via Android devices?. To know about this, you have got to read about fax apps which I am going to share with you.

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Best Fax Apps for sending Fax

We know that all email and all other services which is based on internet communication. Those are free and reliable. For sending fax, we have got to go shopping and pay little bit amount of money. If we have apps, we can send faxes via those apps. So, why we will go anywhere else?. All those apps are below

Cam Scanner

For scanning and sharing mobile documents it’s the best app in the world. It scans your documents and convert it into a clear PDF/image. And you can send it as a fax file. 100 million people have installed this app over the entire world. With the help of this app, you can get a picture of your image as well as photocopy image. You can cut edge of the images and save it into various picture modes. We can share our documents via fax or other sharing apps.


efax is the free app for sending files like a fax. It provides you a fax number and via that number you can receive fax and send fax files. We can scan and send those files which is on the cloud storage. Google cloud print helps us to print directly fax. It’s just like a mobile fax machine. You can scan your documents from camera and send it. It uses digital signature for security purposes.


Faxfile is the other app for sending the files such as PDF and word format files as a fax file. Faxfile also can Images (.jpg and .png) files as fax. We have got to buy Fax credits via Google Play Store for sending the Fax. It’s available in the international locations such as USA/Canada and more countries. While sending the fax files from phone at each steps it gives the fax status.


PCFAX.com provides Pc-fax app for turning your mobile device into a fax machine. We can send one page per day over the 50 countries without registration and it’s free. Countries are Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, China, Australia and Europian countries.

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All fax apps are available in Google Play Store.

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