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Top 12+ Android M Features Launched on Google I/O 2015

As we know that Android is widely used operating system in the world. Approx. 1 year ago, Google launched, its most flexible and powerful Android OS lollipop in Google I/O 2014. Every year Google conducts its developer conference Google I\O.

Senior Vice President of Google Products Mr. Sundar Pichai, hosted this technical event. We all know that Mr Pichai is one of the most powerful persons at this time in Google. The company also gave him approx. 305 million to stay with Google.

Recently, 2 days ago Google I/O 2015 occurred. In Google I/O 2015, the Google had introduced to the latest Android version Android M developers preview photo saving app and Android home service brillo. In Google I/O 2015, Google unveiled also some new features doze, fingerprint sensor and Android Pay. In this article, we are going to tell you about Android M features.

Google’s New Android M features: Performance, Privacy, Fingerprint, payments and photos

(Android M Features #1) Fingerprint Sensor support

Many people who are using Android and want to some special features of Apple. So, Google will also give Fingerprint scanner features on Android M. Apple has already facilitated from this fingerprint scanner feature.

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(Android M Features #2) Android Pay

Apple had launched Apple pay technology in last year ago. Like Apple pay Google is also launching an Android pay on Google I/O 2015. Android pay also works through NFC like Apple. Android Pay will helps you to pay. Android Pay works on Kitkat 4.4 or higher version of Android.

(Android M Features #3) USB C PORT-

Google will give you USB C PORT facility which is really good. Because, USB C port supports USB cable from both sides means that it will work from both sides. USB C PORT charges your phone three to five times faster.

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(Android M Features #4) Better Battery Performance-

All Android users are facing the battery problem on their Android smartphone, it’s the biggest problem among Android users. Last year, Google launched its latest project, Volta and now it is Doze. Android smartphone will better than now. And your Android smartphone will charge faster and apps will spent less battery power.

(Android M Features #5) Google Now-

Google now will be better than now. Google now will give you an answer for your question. If you want to activate Google Now it’s easily activated from one tap. You can upload your photo directly through Google Now.

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(Android M Features #6) Doze-

After the project Volta, Google is coming up with a new project. Doze is the new feature of the Android M to improve smartphone battery life. Doze has new technology advanced motion detection. When a device has been left unattended for amount of time, then Doze puts into a super deep sleep mode that reduces power consumption.

(Android M Features #7) Photos-

There are a number of companies in the market which are working hard to improve the technology of the camera. Android M will provide unlimited cloud storage service. Users will store securely their videos and photos. It has the ability to share hundreds of photos simply through the link. This sharing feature is like Microsoft’s one drive and new assistant feature. Assistant automatically creates colleges and video montages.

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(Android M Features #8) Permissions are Powered up-

Privacy is the most important for every user. Android provides more advanced features it comes with transparent app permission settings and more robust. Android app updates mean that for the first time the app needs to access services such as calendar app, microphone or contacts. Your personal data is so safe on an Android device than ever before.

(Android M Features #9) Google Family store-

After the Google play store which is full with the most useful apps. Google announced a section on Google Play Store at I/O. And this special place for children and parents in the Google Play Store it’s called Google Family Store.

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(Android M Features #10) Latest RAM manager-

The Latest RAM manager will give more details about memory usage. It will show the users how much amount of data apps is eating up. And the users can rate them good, average or bad. When you come to know what the app is taking more memory, then rid that.

(Android M Features #11) Direct Share-

Sometimes, we want to share Android Apps with another person. Then, we face a problem with sharing apps. Because, Android has no features to share app directly. To share apps from one phone to another we help another app like Xender, ES File Explorer. All this app helps us to share apps directly. Android M will provide a feature for sharing apps directly.

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(Android M Features #12) Auto Backup For Apps-

Android Lolipop and it’s Previous version has no facility to take backup of Apps directly. Means that we use some other apps to take backup of apps such as app backup, ES File Explorer etc. Android M will give you facility to take backup of Apps.

(Android M Features #13) Connectivity Enhanced-

With Android M connectivity features such as Bluetooth, WiFi will be more advanced. Because, Android M has more advanced connectivity features such as Hotspot 2.0 and Bluetooth 4.2. It will make Android M more flexible for connectivity.

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