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Android problems and solutions

Android problems and solutions, 5 Android most common problems fixed

Android based smartphone users are growing day by day in the world. Obviously, Android is the best operating system for smartphone users.

But, sometimes Android users are faced various types of problems on their smartphone. Basically, every Android phone has two types of problems- Hardware and Software. Software problems are the most common problem on an Android based smartphone.

I had also faced software problems while I was downloading Apps. When, I got solution and I fixed the problems. In this article, we are going to discuss various types of Android problems and solutions. These common Android problems & solutions are given below –

 Top 5 most common Android problems and Solutions

Android problems and solutions #1- How To Fix Problem Of Downloading Google PlayStore Apps

This is the most common problem with us. Sometimes, Google play store apps doesn’t download. So, I am telling you the solution. Basically, the two reasons of this problem-


Less internal Memory- When, your phone has not sufficient internal memory. Then, the play store app would not be downloaded.

The solution is that moves your some apps from internal memory to SD card or Data card. If your apps is not transferred internal memory to SD card. Then, clean your cache. Follow these steps, go to Settings > Storage > Cached Data > Clear cache. And also clear your Google play service. Follow these steps, Go to settings > Apps > All > Google Play Service > Clear cache.

Clear Cache- It is also a reason that your play store cache is not clear. To solve this problem, clear the cache of the Google play store and delete search history of play store. And if you want to delete search history of Google play Store.

Go to Google play store > Settings > Clear local search history, Go to settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store > Clear cache.

After these processes, restart your phone and now you can access Google Play store smoothly.

Android problems and solutions #2- How to restore your data, if Android smartphone is crashed

Your smartphone has crashed. And your smartphone has important data. You want to save your data and restore it from your phone.

– Remove your battery and restart your phone after 10 minutes.

– If your battery is non-removable. Then, press your power button approx. 15-20 seconds.

– Another option is that charge your phone. After that press the power button approx. 15-20 seconds.

– If the above option is not working. Then, the last option is to go to a service center.

Android problems and solutions #3- Android device does not recognize Memory Card

If you are inserting your memory card on your Android device. And the device does not recognize your memory card.

Solution- format memory card, Follow these steps to format your memory card – Go to settings > Storage > Format SD card > Ok.

Android problems and solutions #4- Bluetooth is not working properly

Sometimes, your Bluetooth is not connected with another device or do not search the device. It is the common problem with an Android device.

Solution- Switch off your phone and restart your phone again. And the other option is that clear the cache of Bluetooth share. Follow these steps for clear the cache of the Bluetooth share.

If your Bluetooth is not working properly after the above steps. Then, check your Bluetooth device visible or not. And also check your visibility timeout settings.

Android problems and solutions #5- Battery discharge issue on Android

If your phone is discharging quickly and you are frustrated from your phone battery.

Solution- Stops the background apps and other connectivity features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC. For saving the battery, adjust your brightness in auto mode. In this mode, your device automatically adjusts your phone brightness. You are not using these all wireless devices. So, stop them. And you want to charge your phone quickly. So, there are three options for this purpose-

1. Switch off your phone and charge your phone. In this situation, your phone would be charged quicker.

2. When, your phone is in charge and connected to the power at that time shouldn’t call and receive any of the calls.

I think that your problem is solved. If you have any other problem. You can comment your problem below. You can follow us on Facebook for getting latest updates.

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