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Android SAFE Mode

Android Safe Mode- ‘Safe Mode’ to restart Android phone

Sometimes, your Android phone hanging or freezing while you are using your phone. At that moment you don’t have any idea to fix that issue. If you are not able to open your phone’s battery. Perhaps, it’s a more complicated task for you. But, it is not so complicated. It’s so easy task. So, we are going to discuss in this article about – how can you fix this problem with the help of Android Safe Mode?. It is not a big problem. Because, I had seen that type of problem mostly on some Samsung’s Galaxy series and HTC smartphones.

On your Android smartphone, you have one function to solve this problem and of course that is Safe Mode. You can use the safe mode facility of your phone, If you are computer user you know about safe mode. Safe mode of android smartphone is similar to PC and Mac computers. We use Safe Mode to fix various types of problems like hanging, freezing and computer works slowly etc. In safe mode the device will run in default setting with pre-loaded apps like a new phone.

Don’t be terrific while using this proces on your Android smarphone. Only you’ve to follow all below steps.

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Reboot your phone on Android ‘SAFE MODE’ to fix Hanging Problem-

It’s a very simple process to reboot your phone on Android safe mode. Your phone battery is charged above 30-40% during this process, it’s important one thing I This process is given below step by step-

  1. You just need to tap and hold the power button on the phone, after this hold the “power off” pop-up on the phone’s screen.
  2. Now a “Reboot to safe mode” pop-up option will open and you need to click ok to reboot phone in safe mode.
  3. If you are wondering “after fixing the problems in safe mode how can I turn my phone into normal mode”, then you can reboot your from safe mode to normal mode by turning off your phone, and start your phone.

Android Safe Mode Practical

This is the complete process for restart your phone on Android Safe Mode. With the help of Android Safe Mode you can fix common problems of your Android phone. I think, now your Android smartphone will be working correctly. Follow us on Facebook for getting latest updates.

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