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Typing Websites 2016: Make Your Own Fastest Typing Record

Typing websites will help you to increase your typing speed and you can make your own international typing record with the help of all those typing  websites.

According to Wikipedia, in 2005, writer Barbara Blackburn was the fastest alphanumerical English language typist in the world, according to The Guinness Book of World Records.

In the olden days, the data was stored in the hard copy by the people. It was a little bit irritating. But, only that was the  way  for saving the information. And it depends upon the person. How much information he can write in less time? So, the speed is important.

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Nowadays, as we are looking everywhere technology is occupying every field day by day. So, how can be data storing process leave?. Yes, nowadays, every information is saved in the database. Everything is going online from offline. That’s why it’s important, how much stroke you can clock in a minute.

As we know that for storing the data faster. Typing speed is most important. As much as you have typing speed. You can write more words per minute (WORDS-PER-MINUTE). If our typing speed will be more. Then, we can store much information in less time.

In simple words, More typing Speed, More data feeding  and More money.

The only the way is that for increasing your typing speed is Practice, Practice and Practice. But, if we want to know about our speed of typing. So, It can be with you. You will be in a dilemma. Or we can use the watch for measuring our typing speed.

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Folks, don’t go in dilemma! I am here to tell you about best typing websites which will help you to increase typing speed and also you can measure your typing speed in WPM.


Personally, I tried to learn typing from many websites. After testing many websites, I picked out the best websites for learning typing. All these websites will help you to learn typing with very easiest and organized manner.

Typing Websites #1 Typing.com

Typing.com is the amazing typing website for increasing typing speed. It has different typing lessons such as beginner, intermediate and advanced. These lessons are too good. It will make you learn from the basic.

Typing.com is the best website. I have ever seen. Typing.com not only provides typing games and typing tutorials. But, also free official typing certificate. It’s totally free.

Typing Websites #2 Typeonline.co.uk

Typeonline.co.uk make you learn typing in sophisticated and organize manner. To know about best postures during typing, you should go on “Safety first” menu of this website. It also provides you Typing lessons, Number pad lessons, Copy practice and Speed test.

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Typing Websites #3 Goodtyping.com

Goodtyping.com is the best typing website for increasing typing speed. It makes you learn the professional way of typing. It offers you the different languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Italian etc. You can increase your typing speed in different languages.

Goodtyping.com offers you the 27 different typing lessons and 23 different keyboard styles. Definitely, you will feel improvement after using this website.

Typing Websites #4 10-Fast-fingers.com

10-Fast-fingers.com specially focuses on fingers. We can do practice with more fun and the different typing games, typing tests and typing competition. It provides various modes such as Top 1000 Typing Mode, Text Practice Mode and advanced typing test mode. You can also do compete with your friends.

Likewise, another typing learning website, Learntyping.org also provides you ebook – Typing Success, Beginner Typing Lesson, Typing Games, Video break from typing, The ULTIMATE Test, Advanced Typing Skills, Timed Typing Tests, Free Typing Test and Keyboard Shortcuts.

Typing Websites #5 Keybr.com

Like above online typing websites, it also provides touch typing lessons and multiplayer option is available there. It also offers many keyboard layout such as US, UK, US Dvorak, US Colemak, US Workman. You can switch as you want.

If you got good typing speed from this article. Let us notify if you like this article. And if you have any queries, you can ask anything.

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