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Boost Computer Speed: ways to improve computer performance

We all know that the PC optimization is the most common topic among the PC owners. We also know that the PC’s speed depends on its configurations. But it’s also important to clean and manage your PC for the optimum performance.

If your PC is running slow and taking too much time to open a Program or File, then it’s time to give a huge boost to your PC. Whatever you have an old PC or a latest generation PC, it doesn’t matter, your PC can be faster up to 30% with these tips.

Finally, here we are going to list all the important computer optimization tips to optimize a slow PC. To boost your PC’s performance follow the 10 easy steps listed below.

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Keep your Desktop clean

Too many programs and folder shortcuts in the desktop can cause a very slow system refresh rate. To boost computer speed doesn’t add too many shortcuts, large files and folders on the desktop.

Delete temporary Files

Deleting temporary files is a very simple trick to boost computer speed, because too many temporary files stored in the PC can cause system slow. So empty this folder once a week.

To delete the temp files: —

  • Open start menu and type %temp% on the search box and hit enter
  • Now select all the files in the Temp folder by pressing the “CTRL+A” key and delete files.

Clean C Drive to boost computer speed

The C drive is the most important drive of the computer where all the programs are installed, and its also a default location for the program installation, so don’t copy your personal files and folders in this drive.

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Disk Defragement

Disk Defragment is the most recommended way in computer optimization, and it’s also very important to know if you are using a PC. The Defragmentation is a process that cleans the data files and increases the speed of the computer to read and access these files.

To Defragment a Disk: —

  • Type “diskmgmt.msc” in the search box of the start menu and hit enter.
  • A new “Disk Management” window will open.
  • Now right click on the drive and select properties
  • OS (C) : Properties window will open
  • Select the Tool tab on OS (C) : Properties window
  • Select optimize option, it will open the Optimize Drives window
  • In the Optimize Drives window, select all the drives and click optimize all option.

Remove Programs

It’s also important to remove unused programs because every program uses memory space and system process. To uninstall a program open “control panel” and select “uninstall a program” under “programs an features option”.

Remove Startup Tasks

If too many programs automatically run on your computer when the system starts, then disable the startup items. To disable the startup items go to start menu and type “msconfig.exe” in search and hit enter, a “system configuration” window will open, now select the unwanted startup to disable.

Virus and malware

USB Drives and the Internet are the most common ways through which malware, viruses and spyware can get into your system. As we know, the virus infected PC runs slower than a normal PC, and viruses can also crash your system. Install an anti-virus program to protect your computer from viruses.


RAM is very important to computer speed and performance, so a defective RAM can slow down your PC. Adding more RAM is a good idea to upgrade your PC, it can make your system faster and more powerful. You can check the RAM on the system properties in your computer if you need more RAM.

Upgrade your Graphics card or use Game Booster

If you are a game lover then install a game booster software to boost system performance for playing games. You can also install a graphics card in your PC if you need more graphics memory.

Dust off and clean your Computer

It’s also recommended to clean your computer once every month because a lot of dust gathering on the motherboard can slow down your PC or the ports will stop working.

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