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bootable Windows 10 USB drive

Guide: How to create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive

Finally the technology giant, Microsoft has launched the Windows 10 which is called the best Windows till date in terms of its performance, speed, memory consumption, stability and reliability.

According to the Report, the latest OS is now running on 67 million PCs as of 31 July 2015. The Microsoft offering free upgrade to the Windows 7 or 8 users so they can upgrade their PCs to Windows 10 completely free using Microsoft’s media creation tool. If you choose the upgrade method, then the settings, data, apps will be the same as older OS. With the help of Microsoft’s media creation tool you can also download the ISO file for a clean install.

To feel the real performance of Windows 10 you will have to choose a clean install method. For the fresh installation, you will need a bootable Windows 10 USB drive. As the trend toward thinner and lighter Ultrabooks & Laptops in the Electronics Market, the manufacturers aren’t offering the CD/DVD drive with their devices. You also know that these days the CD/DVDs are old things. Now let’s discuss about the bootable USB Drive. You will be amazed to know that the bootable USB drive can install the OS faster than the CD/DVD drive.

The easiest way to create a bootable Windows 10 USB Drive

Before you begin, you need to download the tool that can make the drive bootable and obviously windows 10 ISO file. You also need to confirm that you have an 8GB USB Drive for 64-bit version or 4GB for 32-bit version. We all know that there are too many tools available for it. It’s also important that the tool which we will use can offer great features and easy to use functionality. So I selected an open source software, the rufus utility (download rufus) which is less than 1MB in size and offer great features. The rufus tool is available in both installer and portable versions. It will give you all the important features to make the USB drive bootable.

There are two ways to make bootable USB Drive using Rufus: first is manual method (Rufus USB setting) and the second method is Windows to go method. So let’s start with the first method.

Rufus USB setting method

STEP 1: First of all, make sure you take the backup of your Flash drive to keep your data safe. In this process all the data from USB drive will be erased as you create the bootable Windows 10 USB drive.

STEP 2: Insert the USB drive into the PC’s USB port and open the Rufus utility, it will automatically detect and list the Drive under “Device” field. If you inserted more than 1 drive then you will need to select the drive which you want to make bootable.

STEP 3: Select “MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI” in the “Partition scheme and target system type” field. In the “File system” field choose “NTFS”.

STEP 4: Navigate to the “Create a bootable disk using.” select the “ISO Image” from the drop down, then click the drive icon and locate the Windows 10 ISO Image, Select it.

rufus bootable Windows 10 USB drive

STEP 5: Leave all the other default settings as is. Now click Start and confirm the selection by clicking “OK” button on a dialog box. The process will take about 20 minutes to create the drive as a bootable Windows 10 USB drive.

rufus bootable Windows 10 Flash drive

STEP 6: After the process is finished, you can close the Rufus utility. Congratulations, now your USB drive is a bootable Windows 10 USB drive.

Windows To Go option in Rufus

In Rufus you can try this option first. To try this, follow the STEP 1,2 and 4 from the first method and then notice the Windows To Go option and choose it, this option can be found under “Create a bootable disk using”. Now you need to click the start button and wait that’s it. Please comment below that which one method is simple. Thanks for reading.

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