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Brazil World Cup 2014 most high tech tournament yet

In these day, the Brazil world cup 2014 tournament is the most popular news for everywhere. This FIFA world cup 2014 is the most technologically and scientifically tournament ever seen you.

Football players smart clothing, it keeps the player cool. They takes advanced skills and speeds from advanced boots.

BRAZUCA World Cup-

In these tournament, during matches used be most notable advanced technology. e.g During this FIFA, match referees will have access to water-based, vanishing spray and a foam. referee keeps all this components in special belts.

During the first foul, referees will draw lines for a player for a free-kick. This line disappears from the ground a minute. This technology has been used in the last summer’s under-20 World Cup. First time this technology used in the world cup tournament.

Brazil World Cup 2014 tournament technology-

Goal Line technology-

 Awesome goal line technology is used in this FIFA season. its supplied by German company Goal Control. For monitor the action, Goal control use 7 high speed cameras at each goal mouth.

Approximate 2,000 tests were performed in the run up to the World Cup. This all tests were successful. Mr. Dirk Broichhausen claimed it was ‘unhackable’ because it doesn’t require a connection to the internet.

Brazuka Ball Technology-

Brazuca ball is a developmental successor to the Adidas Tango 12 series of balls. Brazuca with the carcass and same bladder. but its surface structure is different. Brazuca ball has a circumference of 69 cm and weighs 437 grams.

  • The Brazuca ball has six polyurethane panels. These panels are bonded to keep the roundness in even the thickest of rain and ball the same weight.
  • The never-before-seen panel shape revolutionizes the game by producing faster flight speed and maintaining true roundness.
  • The  Brazuca ball bladder is made from latex. and it provides the desired rebound.
  • The Adidas Brazuca ball is very beautiful night blue/ in a bold white/multicolor colorway is the most colorful ever for a FIFA World Cup™

This FIFA 2014  Brazuca ball has been stated to be more aerodynamic than the FIFA 2013 Jabulani ball.

Boots Technology-

This FIFA World Cup 2014 will see various great innovations. Most popular company Nike has unveiled its latest Mercurial Superfly boot. This fantastic boot will be sported by the famous football champion Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Boots use a three-knit weave for enhancing the players touches between the boot and football.

Ivory Coast’s,  Belgium’s Marrouane Fellaini and Kolo Toure, will be wearing boots designed by Wilmslow-based Warrior Global. Gambler is also a boot one of them. On the front of the boot positioned has nylon stacks to give additional control. And its also absorb the speed of the ball. This boot has provides more control and aggressive grip. its sole gives to the players comfort and better traction.

The latest boot of the warrior is Skreamer. This boot has many features-

  • Its made from microfibres. it gives to the players lightweight experience of  boots incredibly.
  • This boot has the greatest major innovation is ‘4D Arrowbed Insole’. its stimulates the blood circulation of the feet.

General Manager of Warrior Football, Richard Wright told MailOnline, ‘Warrior’s goal is to deliver products which support our players to amplify their mesmeric skills as well as helping the rest of the footballing community to improve their game.’

Kits Technology-

 One of the big problem of this world cup 2014 is scorching summer.This summer effects in the every country. But, in the Brazil fans and players will be subjected to the full burnt of the Brazilian heat.With this in mind, Kit manufactures had made a very coolest kit for players. And also care for players undergarments.

For the tournament Nike’s mantra is ‘Cool under pressure’.

See the Brazil’s Nike combined technical fabrication with thermo-regulation-

The new Brazil’s 2014 World Cup jersey has 56% more airflow quality than the previous versions of the World Cup.This new Brazil’s 2014 World Cup jersey is composition of the just 6% cotton and 94%  polyester. Its giving to the player comfortable feel of cotton. Polyester property thermo-regulation makes it free from heat.

For making players very cool and comfort in this climate. Nike’s uses Nike’s dry FTT technology, laser-cut ventilation holes and “burnout” mesh in the Nike coolest jersey.

Technology for the World Cup 2o14 Fans-

Samsung  research has revealed how fans plan to watch the matches.

live pause – Adrian Chiles is the football presenter, fans most want to ‘live pause’  – more than a quarter (26 per cent) admit they will skip past his commentary.

Solo match spectators – In the whole world, just 23 %  football fans plan to watch the world cup in their home alone.

Off schedule sport –  44 % FIFA fans wants to record matches. And watch them this record matches at that time. When, they are free.

Smart viewing – 30 per cent FIFA fans are planning to watching the FIFA matches on their smartphone, tablet or smart TV.

Wonderful fictional device technology-

Drone Cam –  In this football world cup, the latest technology cam is drone cam. Drone cam replace the cameraman for shoot the match. Drone cam is a mixture of modern technology and old-fashioned sports coverage. This drone cam device covers every angle of shot easily.

Awesome Sensation Suit – Sensation suit  helps to the viewer for good sight experience. Its an imaginary piece of technology. It feels match viewers that they are there. Sensation suit feels the viewers at that time when the players do some movements like players runs, catch the ball etc.

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