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Buyer’s guide for buying Cell Phones

Buyer’s guide for buying Cell Phones

The cell phone’s specs in current market are not steady, they keep changing and by the time and also cost keeps reducing. When we buy a cell phone and 2 months later we realize that we have made a mistake “there is a new better phone in the market for lesser price.” So to not make you regret for your previous purchase I would like to give you some suggestions.

Most of the points are very common and well known, but yet, if you keep them in mind while purchasing a new phone you will not regret much later on.

1. Price range

First, decide the price range in which you want to buy a cell phone.

For example:

Entry level phones ₹5000 – ₹ 10000

Mid Range phones ₹10000 – ₹19900

Upper mid range phones ₹20000 – ₹26000

Flagship phones ₹26000 onwards.

2. Brand

Once you have decided the price, make a list of good brands in which you want to buy. Or simply go for phone with the best specs in the range.

3. Specifications


Display Choose a display size which fits you well. For me it is 5″ maximum. The display resolution also matters so choose a display resolution which should give a minimum pixel density of 199 ppi. Also check for better viewing angle. Don’t forget to compare the cell phone with other models in the same range, who knows you might find a better display with more features like IPS display and Gorilla Glass protection.

Processors – You will find quad-core processors in entry level phones also. The best way to know which is best just check for their benchmark results. The processor should be modest and try to get snapdragon instead of mediatek unless mediatek beats snapdragon in the benchmark results. Also notice the chipset and GPU. Always go for the latest hardware, they are better and they will get further software updates.

Connectivity – Check for 2G and 3G network bands. Also check for Bluetooth version, WiFi, GPS, tethering, USB On The GO, Micro USB version and NFC.

Memory – Ensure that you have got sufficient GB’s for storage. For phones without card slot I wuld recommend to go for 16GB or more. The RAM is also an important factor which determines the phones performance. So as much as possible try to get more than 1GB of RAM.

Camera – For many camera quality matters too much and many others don’t give it much importance. Anyway the megapixels don’t decide the quality of pictures captured. For example HTC One (M7 and M8) are flagship devices but still have only 4MP camera. The quality of pictures taken by HTC One camera are great even though megapixels are less. So, the quality of pictures lies in the details of each pixels provided by camera. Check for video qualities of the phones. In my opinion Lumia phones have great camera. However, it’s you who has to decide. Also keep in mind that most of the people in India don’t do video chat so front camera doesn’t have really great importance unless you take selfies or do video chat. So a normal Indian person it would be recommendable if he ignores front cam.

Battery – “With great power comes great possibilities.” I know its responsibilities 😉 . Nowadays battery life matters most. Mostly in case of heavy juice draining monster Android OS. So better check the talk time in both 2G and 3G modes. Try to get better mAH batteries, at least more than 2000 mAH.

Build Quality – Last thing to worry about is built quality and looks of the phone. No one wants to see their phone hundred pieces in single drop so buy a sturdy and rigid phone. Personally I would recommend to go for matt instead of glossy finish. Also buy some case and covers, use screen protectors. If you have planned to sell the phone later than you must keep it maintained.


User Interface – UI is also an important element in making better impression. It also affects the performance of the phone. Anyway you can install various launchers and themes from the Play Store but keep in mind that it can make your phone lag.

OS Version Most of the times Latest is always best. So go for latest version of the OS. If you are getting a phone which can be upgraded later than do not hesitate, go for it.

Last  but not least: Personal interest also matters. If you are in love with a phone at first sight than you must do some research work on it. Do not buy anything in hurry and never buy a second hand cell phone unless you know the seller and his phone personally.

If I have missed any point please let me know in comments. Also express you views and points to ponder while buying a cell phone.

About Abhishek Verma

Abhishek is a student of Mechanical Engineering at Karunya University. He likes to write about latest cell phones specification and features.

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