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How to delete data completely from android phone before selling

Most of us, we become bored from our device after using it long time. Because, the technology is being changed so fast. Certainly, we want to change it after some time. But, we don’t how to delete data completely.

This article is the most essential for those people either they are going to sell their device or hard reset their device. There are many ways over the internet for erasing your all data.

Usually, we sell our phones our device any friends or the mutual friend. But, if you sell your device via online product selling websites like OLX and QUICKR. So, you must have to fully erase device’s data. So, here are 2 ways to reset your Android device completely.

Delete Data Completely From Android Devices Before Selling

If you are selling your Android smartphone, tablet or Phablet to someone who is a stranger. So, definitely, you should have to take care of the your personal data such as photos, videos, docs etc. There are 2 ways, must read this

Factory Data Reset To Delete All data

Follow this path for factory data reset: Settings > Backup & reset > Factory Data Reset.

This will allow you to delete all internal storage of your Android device including

Google Account

System and app data and settings

Downloaded apps

Music, Photos and other user’s data.

Now, just click on RESET PHONE. But, it will not delete completely phone’s data.

Encrypt Phone For Delete All data

Follow this path for encrypting  phone: Settings > Security > Encrypt Phone.

Please, make sure that doing before, you have to keep your phone fully charged. It will completely delete data of your device. This process takes around an hour.

Format From The Boot Menu to Delete All data

Follow these quick easy 3 simple steps:

  1. Firstly, you have to switch off your device.
  2. After switching off your phone, hold the VOLUME DOWN key, then press the POWER button together until you will not get the boot menu.
  3. Now, you have to choose FACTORY RESET.

Note: (use VOLUME DOWN key to scroll down and VOLUME UP to scroll up, And for selecting the FACTORY RESET use POWER BUTTON).

Finally, you have 3 damn ways to keep your personal data safe with the help of those tips. You can delete data completely. And no one can misuse the personal data from your Android phone.

I hope that you would enjoy all those above tweaks, And surely it will help you if you are going to sell your smartphone. Write us, if this tweak helps you. If you have any doubt so you can ping us. We will try to clear your doubt.

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