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Difficult Addictive Games 2016: Android & iOS Games Feel You Stupid

Playing games are the most enjoyable things for us. Because, it’s always gives us fun. Gaming is so advanced, high quality graphics, reality and much more. We had started our gaming since 8-bit and now we have seen various types of gaming devices such as Oculus rift, play station, Xbox, Nintendo etc.

Android is another good option to play games among other gaming devices. It has millions of millions fantastic games with more powerful graphics. Android’s Google Play Store is the best place where you get a number of different types of apps which you want.

As all gamers know that today everyone wants a new challenge. Because, the game is not difficult. It will not give us more enjoy. There are many difficult games on Google Play Store which will give you more fun and difficult target. I’ve sorted best 5 kick ass difficult games for those people who are real gamers.

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Deadliest Difficult Addictive Games Must Play

Most addictive and difficult games for you which helps you to enhanced your game experience. The list of all best games is given below-

Difficult Addictive Games #1 Super Gravitron

Super Gravitron game is designed by Terry Cavanagh. It’s so addictive and fun game. It’s quite difficult in starting of the game. It has great music which excites you to playing this game. Terry Cavanagh’s VVVVVV is a 2010 2D puzzle platform video game.

Difficult Addictive Games #2 Super Hexagon

Like above game, it’s another most hardest game. It will increase your thinking capabilities. This game is masterpiece game of Terry Cavanagh. Terry Cavanagh games are always with a logic and give us difficult challenges.

Difficult Addictive Games #3 Retry

We know Angry Birds game is the most popular games among the game lovers. Retry is another game which is developed by Rovio Entertainment Ltd. Retry game’s environment has so good. This game with  slick synthesizer soundtrack. You get daily new challenges and fly higher with modifications. Unlock the hidden worlds with your plane. It’s a Pocket Gamer UK, Gold Award Winner.

“Unforgiving, relentless, soul-crushing, precise, gorgeous, addictive, fantastic – RETRY is all these things” – Peter Willington, Pocket Gamer UK

“Retry earns its place on the App Store’s must-play list.” – Chris Holt, Mac World

“Brutally challenging and well worth playing.” – Carter Dotson, Gamezebo

“The right balance of intensely frustrating and “I can’t put it down!” addiction” – Rob Thomas, 148Apps

Difficult Addictive Games #4 Daddy Long Legs

This is an awesome hard game for gamers who wants hard challenge and quite a laugh. Really, it’s so fabulous game with new challenges. Daddy Long Legs Goal is so simple. You will walk on this game as far as you can. To walk far away you need a long leg. Change your leg and go so far in this game.

Difficult Addictive Games #5 Twin Runners 2

Twin Runners game is an Ultra addictive game for addictive gamers. It’s the best runner game than another running games. It’s not just like other games like jump over blocks or other obstacles. I recommend this game to feel more fun and break the hard challenges.

“Ultra addictive, I strongly recommend” – Giiks
“Super difficult, super addictive” – AppsZoom
“Twins Runners is promised to a great success” – Frandroid
“Twin Runners has been one of the best games I have played in a while” – AndroidHeadlines
“A smart Runner-Game” – DroidSoft


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