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Digital Locker

Digital Locker- How the Digilocker works

In the era of technology, human being is going to way of technology. If we talk about India. It’s also the country among all. Technology is growing so fast in India day by day. A couple of months ago, Digital India has launched in India for growing the India in IT field. There was many projects launch in Digital India.

With the advancement of technology another important thing is security. For saving your data from unknown person tight security is necessary. The Indian Government has launched Digital Locker on Digital India. Modi’s Digital Locker is advanced.

One of the best project is Digital Locker among all of the projects which is announced in Digital India. Because, you can save your important documents such as medical, educational, passport, PAN card, Aadhaar Card etc.

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Digital Locker’s Benefits-

  • Users will submit their documents on Digital Locker one time. After the submission of those documents users don’t need to give their documents anywhere. It’s enough to give your Digital Locker link. In Digital Locker system, you’ll get 100% privacy. Because, it’s so safer than the other security system.
  • The security service of Digital Locker is free for anyone. There is no fee for Digital Locker Facility.
  • The Indian Government will attest your documents after you have saved your documents. The data server of Digital server is controlled by Indian Government.

Which type of problem will you face in the future?-

  • There are so many problems during making Aadhaar card such as connection timed-out during registration and site can be hang due to the traffic.
  • You will also face UID service isn’t responding. Please try again.
  • You take more time to feeding your OTP number. Then, it would do with you that session is expired or timed out.


How To Works Digital Locker-

  1. Type digitallocker on your system. It will open the official site of Digital Locker.
  2. It must necessary for you that you should have an Aadhaar card for registration on digitallocker.gov.in. Without Aadhaar you aren’t able to register on this site.
  3. After inserting the Aadhaar card number, you will see two options on the website. One option is Fingerprint and another option will OTP which will you get on your phone.
  • Process of OTP- If you choose OTP option. Then, you will get OTP on your phone. This OTP has uplinked by Aadhaar card. After submitting this password, users will reach on the registration page.
  • Process of Fingerprint- You have selected fingerprint option, then the user will put your finger on fingerprint device. The Web will authenticate you and bring you to its sign up page. Users have to complete their sign up process on sign up page. Fingerprint device will available in that place where you have made your Aadhaar card. There are so many devices available on the market, which has a Fingerprint scanner.
  1. After signing up, you will have to save your documents on that site. There will be so many options such as my profile, my certificates, my register etc.
  2. In my certificate option, you will get Digital documents, Uploaded documents. Users can store their various documents such as certificate, mark sheet, passport, driving license, resident certificate, water bill etc. Digital Locker is good for saving your data.
  3. Fill all formalities in this site. And if you want to give any suggestion for improving the process of Aadhaar card.

          Note: DigiLocker provides only 10 MB space for saving the your all required documents.

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