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Disable Windows 8 lock Screen: How to Disable Lock Screen must know

In both Windows  8 and  8.1  platform, if you don’t want to waist your important time for beating up on  your computer by lock screen.  We all peoples know that our time is very important.  And many people have no patience for boot up of the computer. Somebody may be very irritating by this problem. We are going to learn how to disable windows 8 lock screen.

My impatience stems from when I owned an XP system that took upwards of five minutes to get to a usable state no matter what I did to try and speed things along. Scarred by that experience I used to leave my system on permanently (just flipping the monitors off when I stepped away), but obviously that wastes electricity. Switching to an SSD (solid state drive), and configuring Windows to boot as quickly as possible, offered a decent solution.

The problem is windows 8 and 8.1 OS seems to be designed to slow you down. Once your computer has booted up there is a lock screen to clear, then you have to enter your password and log to in your Microsoft account.

In Windows 8 and 8.1 Firstly, when you start your computer. Your computer asks your log in password. We know that these steps for security purpose. Because, that security for your important data like photos, documents, videos etc. But, Some people have no data like that. And they don’t waste time.  Obviously Microsoft has made this facility for security purposes. But if you don’t share your computer with other people, and are confident no one will have access to your PC, you can configure the OS to bypass both delaying stages and boot straight in.
This operating system having  a new lock screen. But, Some people don’t  like windows lock screen and they do not keep. It is useless for them  and does not do anything special. Lock screen might look awesome on tablets and smartphones more than in Desktops and laptops.
People want to unlock their computer system in few steps. In bunch of windows cross-platform users, who don’t like the lock screen and want to disable it. Many peoples want to disable windows 8 lock screen. Very simple techniques are here to disable windows 8 lock screen.

There are three easy ways to Disable Windows 8 lock screen 

1. Use “netplwiz” command

In Start screen type “run” or use shortcut key” WIN+R”.  Click on Run and type this command “netplwiz”. OK, that and highlight your account. Uncheck “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer”. Click Apply. Then enter your password and confirm it. Click OK.

Restart computer and when Windows loads it. And your operating system will not ask you to log in password. It is the first way to disable windows 8 lock screen.


2.  Using Group Policy Editor

  •  Press “WIN+R” key combination to launch RUN dialog box, then type gpedit. mask and press Enter. After that, open Group Policy Editor.
  • Now following these steps:   Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Control Panel -> Personalization
  • In right-side pane, double-click on “Do not display the lock screen” option and set its value to “Enabled“.

If you want to  windows 8 lock screen again, set the value to Not configured. It is the second way to disable windows 8 lock screen.  

3. Use Registry Editor

You have the third option to disable windows 8 lock screen is registry editor, if you don’t  want to use above options

  •  Type “WIN+R”  for launch the RUN dialogue box, then type regedit and after that press Enter. It will open the Registry Editor.
  •  Go to the following key:


You create it manually, if the above key is not working.

  •  Select Personalization  and  in right-side pane, create new DWORD NoLockScreen and set its value to 1
  •  Turn off the computer, and restart again, see this effect.

If you want again lock screen window in the future, just delete the DWORD or set value to 0.

If  you don’t want to edit the registry itself. You want to change registry artificially. Download given file below immediately-

Download Registry Script to Disable Lock Screen in Windows 8

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