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JAVA SDK : Download, installation and configuring process with windows

Hi…Guys, we are learning very interesting things Java in this article. We are giving you download and install process of JAVA SDK (Software Development Kit) and how to configure Java in the windows operating system environment.

If you want to develop and runs Java programs. Then, it must necessary to download JAVA SDK on your PC. JDK is a software development kit provided by Sun Microsystems. Java Development Kit comes in various versions. You can download this software free from the Sun Microsystems. For developing the Java application and Java applets, used JVM compiler, debugger and some other tools. It’s important for developing Java application that JVM compiler and JAVA SDK versions are same.

JDK is also known as the JAVA 2 platform. The JDK comes in three editions J2ME, J2SE and J2EE. Beginners start learning JAVA from J2SE. JAVA SDK includes the JRE, which is used for runs the Java programs on your PC. We have given you some important basic information about JDK or JAVA SDK, Java versions and JRE. First, we tell you about JDK and JRE


You want to run JAVA programs only and don’t want to develop them (Java programs). So, download JRE (JAVA RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT). JRE is used only for running Java programs.


Java development kit (JDK) is used for both purposes run and develop Java programs. Java development Kit is specially used to develop Java applications. So, its called Java development kit (JDK). JDK also contains JRE (JAVA RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT).

Java Versions 

JDK Alpha and Beta (23 September 1995)

JDK 1.0 (23 January 1996), Originally called Oak (Oak is tree)

JDK 1.1 (19 February 1997): Introduced AWT event model, inner class, JavaBeans, JDBC, and RMI.

J2SE 1.2 (8 December 1998), its code name is a playground.  J2SE 1.2 is also known as “Java 2”. With J2SE also released Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Collection Framework, JIT compiler, Java 2 Micro Edition(J2ME) and  JFC  are introduced in this version of Java.

J2SE 1.3 (8 May 2000): code name is  a Kestrel. It Introduced Hotspot JVM.

J2SE 1.4 (6 February 2002), its code name is Merlin.  image IO, regular expression,  logging API, assert, Java webstart, non-blocking IO support.

J2SE 5.0 (30 September 2004), its code name is code name Tiger. J2SE 5.0 comes with new concepts like generics, autoboxing/unboxing, annotation, enum, varargs, for-each loop, static import.

Java SE 6 (11 December 2006), its code name is Mustang and Renamed J2SE to Java SE

Java SE 7 (28 July 2011), its code name is dolphin

Java SE 8 (18 March 2014), supports JavaScript runtime, default methods and Lambda expressions.


(Also See: Java Sun Microsystem uses, basic information and history)


Downloading, installation and configuring with windows process of JAVA SDK 

Download and installation process of JAVA SDK 

1.  To download JAVA 2 SE  on your machine, Go to this link. In this tutorial, we have used jdk-6-windows-i586.exe file.

2.  Once you have downloaded JDK on your machine, you get the JDK executable file.

3.  Click on the executable file and it asks ‘Yes’ or no. Click on yes.

4.  And you get “license agreement” page. Read this page and you have two choices accept and ‘decline’. Click on ‘accept’ button.

5.  After step 4, you get a custom setup screen. On this screen, you have ‘change’ button. If you want to change the default directory. Then, click on change the button and change the directory. And you also get four options on this screen development tools, demos, source code and public JRE. Don’t touch this. And click on ‘next’ button.

6.   You install both JDK and JRE on your machine. But, you want to re-install JRE (JAVA RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT) on your machine. Click ‘yes’ otherwise ‘no’. It depends on you.

7.  After this whole process, click on ‘finish’ button to exit from the installer.


Configuring the JAVA SDK installation on windows machine 

In this important segment, we are telling you the process for configuring the JDK and JRE to your windows machine. As we know that JDK is used to develop the Java programs and JRE is used for runs the Java programs. We will change some settings of windows environment for compiling and running the Java application on your machine. To complete this process, follow this step-

1 . To go on this path – Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System

2.  You get ‘advanced system settings’ on the left side of the upper corner of the computer. Click on it.

3. You get system properties. Go to ‘advanced’ tab. And change the environment variable. And go to the system variable section where variable value is ‘PATH’.

4. After this process, change the variable value and don’t delete the existing path and paste the path of JDK  after the semicolon. Save the setting and Click on ‘OK’ button.

If you have any problem to understand this process. Than, watching this YouTube video –

Now, your machine is able to run and compile the Java programs.

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