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Earning money apps

Earning Money Apps: Top 5 Money Making Apps on iOS & Android

All of us, we use to Gaga Making money online is the most searched topic over the Internet. We have some idea about the earning money online. But, some of us, we don’t know about earning money apps.

With all these apps, you can earn money with some of the tweaks. We have heard about apps like mCent, Laddoo etc. Here, we are listed some fresh new apps. And also we will also tell you how to use that?

While using Android and iOS device we use to use various apps. Indeed, using unnecessary apps has been a waste of time. So, here we are sharing all those apps which will help you to earn money.

Top most 5 Earning Money apps for iOS & Android

Make Money – Free Cash App

If you want to earn money online, then download the app MAKE MONEY. It is available both on android and iOS. It is a very simple app to earn money online. Illiterate people can also use this app easily. Just make sure that you have good internet connection.

How to Use Make Money App

1). Install it and register an account.
2). Complete given tasks for getting rewards.
3). Credit rewards via PayPal.
To know bit about online money making, follow the below article:

Earn Cash: Make Easy Money

Nowadays making money online is a trend. People start earning money online by various apps. Earn cash is also one of the apps for earning money online. This app is available in both android and iOS. This app has 4.5 star rating in Google play store.

How To Use Earn Cash

1). Install it and register an account.
2). All further things about this app as same as the above apps’.

Earn Money -Highest Paying App

Earn money by completing simple tasks inside the app. Man Dong is the developer of this app. This app is a bug free. It comes under social networking category. This app is available in both android and iOS. This app has 5 star rating.

How to use Earn Money -Highest Paying App

1). Install it and register on it.
2). You’ll get Rs 5 per download.
3). Register on free website and register on paid websites. Get high pay.
4). Downloading free apps and downloading paid apps for getting high payout.


Easy way to make monthly $10-$15 without giving big efforts.You only need to install this app on your Android device and complete each task you get, like installing apps, running those apps each day also benefited as Dollars in your pocket.

How to use Whaff App

1). Install this app by clicking here. 
2). Log in with Facebook.
3). Invitation code. (Get 0.30$).
4). Like Whaff rewards Facebook page (Get $0.20).
5). Download apps and suggest to your friends.
6). Use referral code and use it.
7). The payout is 10.50$ for Paypal.


Tapporo is available in both android and iOS. You just need to perform simple tasks like downloading and installing on android or iOS apps, viewing videos, Signup for website etc. You will get paid through PayPal cash, Facebook credits, gift cards. This app is similarly like Whaff.

How to use Tapporo

1). Download Tapporo App: Click Here

2). Open it and click on Log In.

3). Register new account.

4). Enter invite code if you anyone has referred you.

5). As same as you have to suggest to others, download videos and other offers.

6). For Each Referral, you will get money.

7). They payout after earning 5$.

Let us know if you got earning money apps fruitful for you. After using these apps, share your experience about those apps in the comment section below. We are awaiting for your response.

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