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Earthquake Detection

Earthquake Detection: How to know about earthquake

As we had seen that the earthquake of Nepal and some states of north India. It was so huge and big lose on this earthquake. Nepali’s people had felt aftershock and tremors after the earthquake. And every person was strange from this earthquake. So, in this article we are talking about Earthquake Detection using a smartphone, how can we know about this type of disaster with the help of a smartphone.

Nowadays millions of millions people are using smartphone and we all know that about benefits of use of smartphones. Smartphones are so sophisticated device among the users. Smartphone gives us millions tools as well as it can able to give the information about the disaster, earthquake etc.

As we know that seismograph is helping us to know about the earthquake. You can download Seismograph without any app download. If you put your phone on the table and if the line will fluctuate, which is located inside the smartphone screen, then you can admit that the earthquake will be happen. You know about the intensity of earthquake on the basis of fluctuation of the line. The good news for you is that you can know about the earthquake built in mobile technology. No app necessary to know it would come or come not.

Earthquake Detection with 2 simple steps

#1 Step

Go to on your smartphone browser like Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox. And open this webpage on your browser which is given below


#2 Step

Now put your phone on any flat table. And you will see the effect.

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