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Eye Protection Tips, Software: Protect your eyes from PC radiation

Now a days we are using gadgets like smartphones, computers and Tablet etc. All tech devices are very useful for us because it makes our works so easily and we can do many important works with the help of these devices.

Gadgets users are so frustrated from gadgets. Because, gadgets will be affect their eyes and also cause various eye problems such as aching eyes, water flow from the eyes and eye strain. Nowadays users are using their smartphone or tablets in the night usually. According to a report – Much use of smartphone various eye problem such as Blindness, eye strain and low vision etc.

In this article, we are going to tell you – how can we protect our eyes from gadgets? We are giving you some tips how to use your gadgets without affect your eyes.

Eye Protection Tips (8+), How to Protect your eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

Eye Protection Tips #1 (20-20-20 Rule)

If you are using a tablet or smartphone daily then 20-20-20 rule is the most important for you. Because, it protects your eyes. 20-20-20 means that after every 20 minutes see any things for 20 seconds, that thing is 20 feet farther away from you. It gives rest your eyes. It is the best exercise for your eyes while you work on a computer. I have faced a problem while I worked on a PC. The problem is that I forgot that when 20 minutes over. So, I found a solution. BreakTaker (Windows) and Timeout (Apple) software gives you break. This software is used to break.

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Eye Protection Tips #2 (Check your display settings)

When you are using your devices. It is important that check your PC’s screen brightness. If your screen brightness is more than half means above from 50 then decrease your screen brightness and also check your PC’s screen sharpness and contrast.

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Eye Protection Tips #3 (Upgrade your display)

You are using old technology based CRT monitor, then upgrade your old monitor. It is better for your eyes that use LCD, LED or TFT screen monitor. If you used aspects then choose a high resolution screen and use anti-glare spots.

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Eye Protection Tips #4 (Use Anti-Reflecting Coating)

You can get easily anti-glare screen guard on low price in the market. Screen guard is also known as a screen protector. Screen guard protects your screen as well as protect your precious eyes. Anti-glare screen is the most important for your eyes.

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Eye Protection Tips #5 (Efficient light is important)

Don’t use your devices in a low light room or a more light room. You are using your PC then put your PC 20-30 inch farther away with respect to you.

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Eye Protection Tips #6 (Use Computer Glasses)

Computer glasses are a very effective way to protect your eyes from a computer. Computer glasses are specially designed for computer.

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Eye Protection Tips #7 (Use Anti-Glare Glasses)

Anti-Glare glass also protects your eyes while you’re using a computer, smartphone or other gadgets.

Eye Protection Tips #8 (Use lens)

Silicone hydrogel contact lense is popular among the computer users for protection of the eyes. This lens is protected, your eyes in a very effective manner.

Eye Protection Tips #9 (Software For Eye Protection) 

There are two software for protects your eyes from screen radiation. Given below-

  1. Flux for computer.

  2. Bluelight Filter App for Android smartphone.

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  • daniel georgiev

    If you want a easy way for Tip #1 you can try Iris. http://iristech.co/
    Iris has also additional functionality for blink rate tracking and reducing of blue light.

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      Thanks daniel for sharing this with our users. And it’s good.

    • Thanks daniel for sharing this information with our users. I checked iristech. It;s good.