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Facebook Account Hacked

Facebook Account Hacked: You must take immediately steps

In the field of Social Media, Facebook is the most popular social media website in the world. Facebook users are growing so fast. Whole Facebook users can make a country. But, in the case of Facebook Account hacked by hacker, you have to take some steps.

Perhaps, you could face the nightmare of hacking Facebook account. Because, some malicious attackers can hack your Facebook account. And all of your Facebook assets will be in trouble. It has happened with one of friend.

They can steal all your private messages, contacts, post abusive things on your wall or something like that. To get rid of this trouble, you should just change your Facebook password frequently. Don’t be panic!

We will not leave you in a dilemma. We are just going to discuss with you all important steps which you have to take after hacked of your account.

How To Know your Facebook Account Hacked or Accessing by Unknown User, if anonymous doesn’t do any activity

The question is that how will you know your account has hacked or not? If the hacker hacks your account and they will not do any activity in your account. So, you will not be able to know that your account has hacked or not.

  • To know about your account, only the way is that you have to check your recent login activity in Facebook.
  • Go to settings, which is located above logout button.
  • Now, you have to go into security > Where you’re logged in.

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Report Compromised Account

If your account has hacked by anonymous or hacker. And he will be updating your account with inadequate or faulty things (spam). So, you have to follow Report Compromised Account for getting your account back.


For going to the Report Compromised Account follow this link: Report Compromised Account.

You can also watch this video for Report Compromised Account:


Are you frustrated from Facebook Video Autoplay? And it also consumes internet data. Follow this above link:


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