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Ring My Droid: Find Android Phone Even in Silent, Vibrate Mode

There are tons Android users in the world. Android provides many facilities for ease of our work. Many people who keep their Android device in silent mode or vibrate mode. And they forget their Android device somewhere at home. They get in a dilemma. They don’t have any idea at that time. Ring My Droid is the best option for that problem.

Recently, I got an app to know about the phone when it’s in silent mode. And the name of the app is Ring My Droid. This app is pretty amazing. Really, it finds your phone even in silent mode. And the size of the app is around 470Kb. It’s not a big deal for finding your phone. Ring My Droid is developed by Ramandeep Singh Bakshi.

In this article, we are going to tell you about Ring My Droid app. How it works?. How can you find your lost phone? You’ve to follow all those steps.

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How To Find Your Phone in Silent Mode Via “Ring My Droid”

  • Download and install an Android app from this link.
  • Now, set the phrase which will ring up your Android device. (Default Text: RingMyDroid)
  • When, you will lose your phone and if the phone is in silent mode.
  • Send a message from another device. The message will be your phrase. (Here Text: RingMyDroid)
  • When, you will send “Ring My Droid” message on your phone. The Phone will be ringing louder.

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Now, if you’re excited and you’re going to use the Ring My Droid app or your phone is misplaced. So, use this tip. Share your experience and thoughts about this amazing app in the comments. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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