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Find Stolen Laptop

10 Steps To Find Stolen Laptop, Phones, Tablets

Don’t worry! We’re preparing you for that critical dilemma. As we ken that technology is one of the best ways for more extravaganza. Nowadays, most of the people prefer carriageable, portable and handy devices. And if we schmooze about convenient, conveyable and lightweight devices. So, the first things come in our mind that is wireless devices such as a laptop, smartphone and tablet etc. When, you lost your smartphone, then you can lock your smartphone and know the location. But, find stolen laptop is little bit difficult sometimes.

 According to research – Every 53 seconds, a laptop is stolen in the world. It may possible – you’re the next!

Whenever, we go outside of the home for travelling, college or vicinity. Usually, we put our laptop in the rucksack. Unfortunately, quite of the people lose their laptop or palmtop at that time. This type of devices is so expensive and easily spotted by thieves.

When, someone has stolen our laptop or lost it anywhere. At that time, we’ve lost our consciousness because it preserves our essential documents. And Prey is the only good way to find stolen laptops.


10 steps to Find Stolen Laptop Based On Windows, Mac, Android and Linux with Prey

To find stolen laptop you will have to follow these steps which are given below. Prey is the software which will help you to find stolen laptop.

1. Guys, first go to your browser and googled prey website.
2. Sign up in prey website and login with your details.
3. After signing up in the prey, you’ll get the window in which you will see
4. Now, you will get one pop up on prey website and select the OS (Windows, MAC, Android and Linux), which has been installed in your computer.
5. The next step is that you have to install the downloaded file on your computer.
6. You will get a window and you will have to select existing user. Because, you have registered on prey website.
7. Fill all the information which is asked by that software.
8. Now, your computer starts for running the program.
9. After the above simple steps, you can access the prey website via log into your account.
10. Finally, you’ll get the location of your laptop.

But, one thing is that if you want to get the exact location of your laptop. So, you should have premium an account of Prey.

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