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Flappy bird will come back on your life, but not soon

The most famous and fabulous game  “Flappy Bird,” is now coming back on the app store. the infuriatingly addictive and deceptively difficult mobile game, Flappy bird is devloped by  Dong Nguyen. Flappy bird is the most wanted game in the past years.  defunct mobile sensation, will one day rise games like phoenix and fling into an app store near you.

The game was taken off Apple’s store. This game  vanished from searches on Google Play overnight. After Nguyen tweeted in early February that he would be removing it. before, it was downloaded more than 50 million times.

On Wednesday in twitter, Dong Nguyen confirmed as much early. Responding to a tweet Nguyen sent last month, a follower directly asked him. if, he plans to ever make the game available again.

“Yes,” Nguyen replied. “But not soon.”

Last month, when Nguyen, in his interview, told to Forbes that “Flappy birds are gone forever”.

Flappy bird is most downloaded and the most popular game in the apple store and all android devices. By this games, Many people lives not him life. All people are playing this games. and left him all important work.

In the Apple App Store, “Flappy Bird” had an average four-star rating from more than 543,000 reviews.and on Android 228,000.

Many reviews were lengthy, tongue-in-cheek tales of time lost, End of marriages and peoples going cuckoo after playing Flappy bird.

At the time, Nguyen said he was afraid that what he’d intended to be a simple pastime had gotten out of control and become “addictive” to some users.

People who had already downloaded the app didn’t lose it, but those who hadn’t were out of luck.

Nguyen’s studio, has two other games available for download — “Shuriken Block” and “Super Ball Juggling.” And he promises more to come — probably before we see “Flappy Bird” again.

Get your thumbs ready. “Flappy Bird” is coming back!

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