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Flux Android App

Flux Android App: Flux is available for Saving Eyes on Google Play Store

A couple of weeks ago, the company had started beta test of the F.lux Android app for Android devices. After beta testing, it has been launched and uploaded to the Google Play Store recently. Flux is specially used for filter blue light. It adjusts its light according to the day.

One of the most popular and ultimate desktop software for saving our eyes from harmful computer rays that is F.lux. And it has launched for Android devices. The name of the app is F.lux. There is only the app in Computer for saving our eyes from eye strain, watery eyes and CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) and various eye problems.

F.lux includes various preference lightning modes such as, in sunset lightning mode (Candle, warm incandescent, halogen, fluorescent), bedtime (Ember and all sunset mode mode), daytime lighting mode (Fluroscent, midday sun and halogen). It only access your location. Also, it captures very less space because the size of the app is 3-4 MB around. Without root permission, it doesn’t work properly.

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Try Fluxometer for seeing that how much amount of harmful lights F.lux removes?F.lux

How To Download, Install and Setup Flux on Your Computer

Download Flux from here

If you’re excited and you’re going to use the flux app to save your eye. So, share your experience and thoughts about this amazing app in the comments. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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