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50 free android apps

Free Android Apps 2016: 50 best apps for your smartphone

Free Android Apps: We are giving you a list of  some handpicked apps from Google play store.

These all Free Android apps are important, usable for android user. Some productivity apps are available in this list. These Free Android apps will help android user to be more productive and efficient. All these free Android apps would also help you in your daily life. I’ve sorted some free android apps for you.

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50 free android apps list for your smartphone 


Shazam is very popular among the people who loves music. Tap the Shazam button to instantly recognize music playing around you.


Focal is an awesome camera app with the combination of all featured facility for camera. This app is also compatible with older Android phones.


HomeStyler app is useful for manage your room systematic. In this app, you can capture room and set picture of a room in device, visualize the interior design in 3D, set your bed, sofa set etc. and place furniture.


Splashtop app help you to access your Mac or Windows PC  from any Android device on the same network.


Cogi is an important specially for students. Students can record own school or college lectures.

News 360

News 360 is a smart news application. News 360 app are having all type of news information like politics, business, sports, music, movies and technology etc.


Visualize ideas and brainstorm with mind maps on your phone.


Repix, your photos and turn them into piece of art using brushes and other tools.

Clean Master

Clean Master cleans the all app, which are not use by user. This app boost up your slow Android device.


Reader reads PDF files on Android platform, the app can open password protected files too.


Team Viewer  remotely access your Mac or windows computers from any Android device.


It provide you special facilities to keep your notes,daily rountine,voice memos and photo notes with search text bar.



You can watch any kind of LIVE EVENT PROGRAMMES regardless of time and place via USTREAM.


It is directly download torrent files with the help of tTorrent app.


You can customize ringtones, following one or more audio clips through segmentation process.

WiFi Manager

Discover Wi-Fi networks in your environment and helps to connect  the strong WiFi network.


Timely alarm clock automatically synchronize with android devices.


Enables customize fonts in genuine format in your own ultimate style hand writting.


It provides you full security to safeguard your personal contact number.You can recognize the person from unknown contact numbers and also block SMS of spam numbers.


It creates stop-motion videos. You can also insert background music.


FoxFi app helpful for enable mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and share your data connection.


Avast is an anti virus app. Secure your Android device against theft, viruses and phishing attacks.

AVG AntiVirus

Protect your device from viruses, malware and fake apps.


MyScript is advanced calculator app. This app is recognize your handwriting.

DU BatterySaver

Du Battery Saver app, saves your battery life smartly. It s


BatteryGuru app is very smart app for saves your battery smartly. This application monitor your battery usage and extends your battery life in the basis of your performance.


SuperBeam is the fastest and easiest way to share your files between android device.


A simple voice recorder app that can record voice notes and audio even when the screen is off.


Glympse shows you where are your friends, family members at that time.

Easy Backup

Backup your SMS, MMS and call records to the external SD card.


Backup your phone and easily move your data and media file to another device.


A basic podcast client for Android with widgets for the home screen.

WiFi Analyzer

Analyze your Wifi and expand the reach of your wireless router.

Easy Alarm

Easy Alarm application,  You can set any YouTube songs as your morning alarm.


It is a best podcasting application for your android phone.


MightyText, receive and Send SMS text messages from your computer.


Shifu is the best app for saves your time. Shifu alerts you while you are free from your work.  you have free time. This app suggest you for do pending tasks.


Pixlr, its a awesome and versatile picture editor from Autodesk.


Torrent downloader from the team that invented the popular BitTorrent protocol.


Aviary is best photo editing tools. It makes your photos very beautiful.  Aviary has very beautiful  frames, creative stickers. Aviary is free app.

MX Player

MX Player is the best video player Android device. MX player has many facilities for playing videos.


There are so many ringtone maker in the Google Play Store. RingDroid is one of them which will help to create your own ringtones.


Soundhound is an music playing app. You can play your favorite songs by entering words from lyrics.


PushBullet sends all important files like images, videos, text notes from your phone to computer. And also from computer to phone.


Beautiful, magazine with awesome style layout to read updates and news.

TuneIn Radio

Listen to podcasts and live radio stations from all over the world.

Jango Radio

Among the all Free Android Apps for radio. It is one of the best apps. Plays the best music by artists you love (online radio service).


Fing is very important app which find out which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi networks. There are so many free android apps in Google Play but this is good really.

File Wrangler

Its powerful app for managing your spread files. This app is important for file management.


For managing your tasks and to-do lists. It sync with Google Tasks.

My Tracks

This app records your speed, distance and path as you drive or walk.

I think these all above Free Android Apps are good. If you have any queries. Then, you can ask anything from us. I will give you answer. You May Follow Us On Pinterest.

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