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Activate God Mode in Windows OS, Do you know about it?

The omnipresent gigantic company Microsoft’s Windows OS is widely used over the world. Whatsoever, we put number of articles about Windows based operating system. We are sharing how to activate God Mode in Windows 10?

Frequently, we use control panel for various reasons and changing the settings of the different options of control panels. There is an alternative for accessing the whole settings of control panel only at one click.

All those settings such as administrative tools, display, date and time, Windows firewall, Windows security, language, personalization, security and maintenance, sound, troubleshooting etc.


How To Activate God Mode in Windows 10

  1. Create a new folder on the desktop.
  2. Change the name of the new folder with the below


  3. Now, you will get a God mode icon. And you can change the of the text instead of God Mode. Suppose, I can write YOURNAMEMode in place of that.
  4. Now, enjoy God Mode on your Computer!

You can also watch the Windows God Mode live video tutorial. We have put the video top of the article.   

I hope that you would have enjoyed this trick. And now you can access all those Windows’ control panel only at single click.

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