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Google Glass getting more style from Ray-Ban, Oakley, Luxottica

There should be no doubt Google’s intentions to finally bring Google glass as a regular consumer product in the market.

On Monday, a post of the page Glass Google+ announced a partnership with the most famous glasses companies massive Luxottica Group (owner of  Alain Mikli, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue Eyewear, Oliver Peoples, Persol and Arnetteto, among other brands) to add some big-time beautiful  stylish design,  and distribution chops to Glass.

We know that Luxottica Group S.p.A. is the world’s largest famous eye wear company. Luxottica controlling over 80% of the world’s major eyewear brands. Its best known brands are Ray-Ban, Persol and Oakle

“Luxottica understands, how to build, distribute, and sell stylish, beautiful, good looking, comfortable great products that their consumers and client love — something we care about the Glass deeply, too,” the post said that “They will bring  manufacturing and design expertise to the mix, and together,  In addition of Luxottica’s wholesale and retail distribution channels will serve us well. Luxottica makes glass very carefully. its caring about the consumers

Google Glass represents technology with style

In the post of the Glass google+ page, Google says, not to expect Glass on your favorite Oakleys right away, but that the announcement “marks the start of a new chapter in Glass’s design.”

Google said that We still have no idea. When, a consumer version  offer Glass to a normal person rather than an early adopter with $1,500 to blow on a beta product.

But this announcement Google’s very public attempt to dispel a number of conceptions about Glass that it referred to as “myths.”

Google glass try to make  the biggest high-fashion, Bluetooth peripheral, Glass will come on different beautiful frames.

Google Glass is  looking  fancy as it gets in technology world at the moment. Google glass launched last year. And now in the hands of a thousand plucky “Explorers”.

Google glass is potentially one of the most disruptive pieces of technology. it is also  constant talking point in legal circles.

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