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Google Maps Tips

Google Maps Tips 2016: How to use Google Maps smartly must know

The modern era is the era of technology. So, how can we travel without the use of technology?. And if we talk about travel. So, nowadays, without technology travelling – For me, nothing. One of the most sophisticated app which is used for travelling and finding the path is GOOGLE MAPS. Yes, nowadays Google maps is used every smart devices.

Travelling is the most blissful, adventurous and amazing things in the every person’s life timespan. And i think that plenty of people in the world who really loves travel. There are bulk of reason behind the hobby of travelling. Travelling is not only for fun but also it increases our knowledge in different areas. I heard that if we want to increase our knowledge. So, we should travel new places.

As we know that when we are going anywhere and we don’t know path very well where we want to go. How will we go there? And which transport will take how many times?. So, guys we will use to know about that Google Maps. Google maps is very helpful for us when we are in trouble to know about the path. Approximately, hundreds of millions of users rely on this awesome app. So, if you want to know some useful tips and tricks about Google Maps. Check it out this-

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Top 5 Most important Google Maps Tips

#1 Google Maps Tips (Set Home & Work Locations)

First users will do to set their home and work location. It’s necessary that your location service enabled to take the advantage of the Google Maps, at your location from your

Go to Google Maps and click the three lines near the top left upper corner and after that scroll down all options and you will get “settings” and click edit “home or work”. With the help of this option you can do your work so easier and organized way.

If you want to use this feature through voice control simply say “Take Me Home” or “Ok Google, navigate home” on the voice search option. It will work to instantly get directions to your home.

#2 Google Maps Tips (How to save Google Maps for offline use)

Sometimes, we don’t have network or our device only works on WiFi. And we need to know about path from source to destination. So, don’t worry, the solution is that you can save the Google Maps offline on your smartphone. This Google Maps facility is so essential for those people who is travelling where they may not have a network or don’t have a strong connection.

The Offline option on Google Maps is extremely useful for us when we don’t have internet. If you want to save your area, then follow this process- tap the microphone for voice controls and say “Ok Maps” and this will rapidly save your location. Your saved location 30 days.

#3 Google Maps Tips (Quick-Launch Navigation)

Select the source point and destination point in the Google Maps. If you want to go faster with the shortest route. Then, simply tap the blue circle which is located in the right-lower side of the Google Maps. It will select the fastest way from your location. Quick-launch navigation is helpful to go through the shortest path.

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#4 Google Maps Tips (Drop A Pin For Direction)

Drop the pin on your destination point simply long-press anywhere on the map where you want to go. And dropped pin will help you to easily reach on your destination.

#5 Google Maps Tips (Search Place With Google Now)

You can search any places with the help of little microphone which is located on the search bar. Tap on the microphone and says “directions to the India Gate.” It will instantly show you the directions.

If you want to find ATM search with this string “find the nearest Tech Park,” “where is 4321 Tech Street,” You can also search any place with the help of this string like “which’s the best Indian restaurant.”

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