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Facebook unveils ‘Hack’, a new PHP-based programming language

The most popular social networking site facebook unveils a new website programming language that language is called  Hack. It’s a new programming language designed by Facebook programmers to build complex websites, software. which is quickly effective and valid without errors. It is the easiest and familiar  language for website developing for the developers.

Facebook engineers  Julien Verlaguet, Bryan O’Sullivan and Alok Menghrajani spent last few years to build a new programming language.

Bryan O’Sullivan, the company Facebook engineer expresses his views about hack language- “We can say with complete assurance that this has been as battle-tested as it can possibly be,”

In late 2003, When Zuckerberg started work on Facebook. He used  a programming language called PHP. that moment recreate  great effect in the Hollywood film ” The Social Network”.

Language Experts says Hack language is a extension of PHP —  Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg used hack language, when he started building Facebook. The Language Hack runs on the Hip Hop Virtual Machine. but, it lets coders use both dynamic typing and static typing.

Facebook engineers said that inheritence challenges in the PHP code made simple tasks cumbersome and tricky. Until the script had gone live that coding errors were sometimes not detected . the language hack has changed that features, Facebook said. The facebook said, “Hack was born.”

It can be more difficult to managing all your code keep free from bugs. PHP sites grows, you need far more computer servers. To run the thing than you would with other languages .

The new programming language has greatest features easier to eliminate the errors and managing code, run without compiling.
“You edit a file ,reload a web page ,immediately get feedback and get both speed and safety,” O’Sullivan added.

The giant social  networking  company Facebook  is hosting a Hack related event. This event ocurrs next month at its campus.

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