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Health android apps 2016: First aid and health apps saves your life

We all give first priority to our health, and if smartphone will help us to keep us healthy, then it’s a good idea to maintain our healthy body. We have put some handpicked health Android apps for you.

As we all had seen different types of applications in android devices. Apps like business apps, education apps, social apps, productivity apps, gaming apps etc. These all apps are very helpful for us.

In this article, we will know something about for First adds apps which helps us in emergency case. First add apps gives the information about primary medical treatment. These app tell us- what should we do in emergency conditions??? These apps also check your knowledge about first aid.



This is the best and a very reliable app to know about first add medical. This app has emergency section. You can know about different emergency conditions of first aid. Apps contain videos which videos give you instructions. With the help of these videos you can save easily from emergency conditions. Apps has a question – answer section. You can clear your all doubt in this section. If you are a curious person. Then, its best for you. You can also use baby and child application.


WebMd is an American app. Webmd gives you news about health. Its also give you advice and expertise knowledge of
WebMD is also the best first add application of android market. WebMD is the all in one resource of knowledge of first aid. This app has not videos and pictures. But, this app gives you deepest knowledge of various types of conditions.


Most of the people are very aware of their health in the world. Because, different type of dangerous diseases is growing in the world. Smartphone users are growing like dangerous diseases. But, Smartphone is very helpful for people. Because, it has different type of important applications which helps to people for complete their works. In this article, we are giving you health android application. Because, its most important for every person. And we all also know that “Health is Wealth”. Health android apps are most important for us.
Some people are confused – how to care for their health???. And how many calories consumed and burned their bodies???
We are giving you some best application to track your body fitness. Thankfully for Android smartphone that can help users to maintain their body. Health android apps are given below

1. Nike Boom 

Nike boom is the one of the greatest apps to track your health. Nike boom pumped up to Android users to workout. Nike boom users can do both workout and listen music at the same time. If you like music and music is encouraged you. Then, this app is good for you. Music boost up to users for the final mile. You can also manage your Facebook. Professional athletes will give inspiration to increase your performance.

2. Calorie Counter 

The Calorie counter app is the best health android app for maintaining your fitness. We take thousands of calories from our foods. And our body  burns thousands calorie for giving us to energy. The Basic principle for losing weight: your burned calories are greater than the eating food calorie. Calorie counter name determines that this app is count the calorie which is burnt by you. This app has various types of features which helps you to down your weights. This is the best app to control your diet and maintain your weight. This app has

Food diary         –     food diary for schedules your meals.

Diet calendar   –     Diet calendar keeps information about consumed and burned calories.

3.  BMI Calculator 

BMI stands for BODY MASS INDEX. This app is the best BMI calculator. BMI is the important part of any person’s weight. BMI tells you that you are overweight or not. You can calculate your body mass index through this app.

4. Pocket Yoga 

We all know that health has two parts – one is mental health and the second part is physical health. In this generation yoga is most important for us. All above applications for physical health. And the Pocket yoga app is specially for mental side of the health. Pocket Yoga is the most important app for every person who want healthy body. Pocket yoga gives to the users detailed instructions about different types of aasan like udarasan, sawasan, kapalbharti, bhramari etc. This app has images of every step of yoga. This is the portable yoga guide to keep your body and mind so fit and healthy.


Supplements are the other ways to make us healthy. Vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium, protein and carbohydrates are the most important part for our healthy body. We have two types of supplement medicine – Ayurvadic and allopathic. Ayurvadic is the most safe and most reliable way to cure your diseases. Ayurvadic medicine has no side effects. It is very cheap also. This app  has various types of medicinal herbs for different type of diseases.

To download these all health android apps: Go0gle Play.

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