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How to Install WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are tools which provide additional features and extend the functionality of your wordpress installation. There are two ways to install a WordPress plugin — manually via  FTP client and Automatic via WordPress  Admin panel . The fastest way to install plugin is from WordPress  Admin panel . You can cut the install time down to around 5 minutes compared with 5-10 via FTP client.

This article describes how to  install wordpress plugins via dashboard. To install a plugin via WordPress administration panel, you need to login  first.

There are also two ways to install a WordPress plugin via Admin Panel —

  1. Install a Plugin using Search Option
  2. Install a Plugin using Upload Method

Install a WordPress Plugin using Search Option in Admin Panel

  • In the WordPress administration panel go to Plugins and click on Add New and enter the name of the WordPress Plugin.
  • Click Install Now under the Plugin name, if you wish to install or click Details  for Installation Instructions and information about the Plugin.
  • If you wish to Install the WordPress Plugin, It will ask you –” Are you sure you want to install this plugin?”.
    Click OK to continue with the installation.
  • if the installation is successful, Use the activate command to activate Plugin.

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