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Get 50GB of iDrive Android cloud storage for 99 cents a year

The online backup service, idrive has announced a new affordable plan for its subscribers.

Cloud storage provider IDrive released today its first mobile-only backup plan. For $0.99 a year, users of the company’s Android app will receive 50GB to backup their contacts, SD card , photos, videos.

The new plan is limited only to Android, it does include cross-platform support.

iDrive Cloud storage to save your local storage-

This cloud storage app is interesting for those people who are curious about the new apps technology. The much awaited iDrive Cloud storage is a new app for st0oring to your huge data on cloud, it is a necessity. You need it not only to back up your important data as well as personal files, You can use the iDrive app to sync your files, photos via multiple devices e.g  smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc.

50GB storage is now available at an exclusive price of not 99 cents per day, not a month, but for a whole year.

But which cloud-storage service should you choose? There are tons of them, and they’re getting more competitive all the time.

In other words,  you need an Android device to install the iDrive Online app and sign up for an account.

I must clarify that 50GB  space you get for backup and 50GB of sync space. That is a little awkward, but it’s still a very impressive deal if you are an Android user or corporate.

I was sure they meant 0.99$ for the first year, then more typical $50-100 each year. But a company representative told me in no uncertain terms: “It will be the same a year from now. This is not a first-year discount or limited-time offer.”

It should not be,  you have android devices to use this efficient cloud storage facility. It is platform-independent app. Once you have made your drive account. Then, you can use it across all platforms:  Windows Phone, Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and iOS.

So if you’re in the market for copious cloud storage on the cheap, you’d be crazy not to give iDrive a try. It’s a buck. One buck. For the whole year.

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