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Increase laptop’s battery life

10 best tips to increase laptop’s battery life

Before buying a new laptop everyone gave the first priority to laptop’s battery power which can give maximum battery backup. This is why today we are going to discuss how to increase laptop’s battery life.

If your laptop’s battery discharges so quickly, then you will need to follow some basic tips to increase your laptop’s battery life. Because everyone wants more battery life on their portable devices and laptop is one of those. However, there is no special battery saving software for the laptops to boost laptop performance.

So Today, here we have provided some best battery saving tips that work perfectly on MacBook, Chromebook and Windows Devices. All these tips and setting will increase your laptop’s battery life.

Monitor turn off time (Power Setting)

To increase your laptop’s battery life you will need to change some power settings including the display turn off the option that automatically turns the display off when you’re not using the laptop. To do that, open the power setting, it can be found on “control panel”, and then reduce the time limit of the “turn off the display” option. But don’t reduce the time of “hard disk turn off” option because it’s recommended to select “never” turn off or leave it on the default.

Decrease the brightness and contrast of the display

It’s also a very effective option to increase battery backup because we all know that display is one of the parts in laptop which use the most battery power. So reduce the brightness and contrast of the display while you are using your laptop without a charger. You can use the default brightness and contrast setting while charging the laptop.

Turn off the Screen Saver

Screen Saver starts automatically after a time period of inactivity and is one of the reasons of reducing battery backup. So turn off the Screen Saver in your laptop.

Turn off Wireless connectivity options

As we know, Too many users are always turned on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options on their laptop, and we also know that these connectivity options also affects on the battery backup. So the recommended tips to do is turn off your laptop’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options because these types of connectivity options are constantly looking for a new network or devices if they are On.

Close the unused programs

If you are running too many programs at the same time in your laptop, then the open programs can drain battery quickly. In this condition, close the programs in which you are not working.

Use Laptop in the Room temperature

Don’t use your laptop in cold or hot place. The room temperature is the perfect environment to use the laptop.

Add more RAM to increase laptop’s battery life

The laptop uses Hard Drive as virtual memory when the laptop runs out of RAM, in this condition hard drive will use more battery power to create virtual memory. So add more RAM to increase battery backup and boost laptop performance. After adding more RAM you can feel the improvements in your laptop because its two in one solution.

Remove external devices

As I know, the USB devices connected to the laptop drains so much battery power than the laptop without connecting USB devices because Laptop shares battery power to the external device as you use it (i.e. Pen Drive, External Hard Drive, Mouse, Memory Card, Smartphones). So remove or disconnect all the USB and external devices that you are not using.

If possible, Do not use CD/DVD Drive

If you want to watch movie, listen songs or use data from CD/DVD when you are running your laptop without charger then copy the CD/DVD to your laptop to use that. Because when a CD/DVD drive runs it uses so much battery power. It’s also one of the reasons of the battery draining. So remove the CD / DVD from the drive after using it.

Use Hibernate mode option

The sleep mode also known as power saving mode stops the system and puts all the running programs in memory and offer to resume the system in normal state in a few seconds. It works similar to standby mode and it’s a good option for those who want to stop their work for a short time. But the Hibernate is a better option than the sleep mode because the laptop use zero battery power in this mode. The Hibernate option shuts down the computer and saves all the running programs in hard disk.

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