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Top 10 Amazing Internet Tricks 2016, You Don’t Know

As we all aware about the use of the Internet. And We have been using the Internet for many years ago. Despite an intensive use of the Internet, We do not know about any useful Internet tricks.

There are plenty of tips & tricks over the internet. But, we have sorted out some handpicked Internet Tips & Tricks. And here, we’re going to tell you about those Top 10 Internet Tricks.

Top 10 Internet Tricks 2016

You have to check it out below the list of all those Internet Tricks 2016.

1. Use Browser as a Notepad

Maybe you didn’t know about these. It is pretty easy tips when you are in a hurry. It takes a bit of a minute. Only you have to put this

data:text/html, <html contenteditable> on your browser’s address bar.

Internet Tips Tricks

2. Play Videos, Music on Your Browser

Just drag any Video and Music  file on your browser and then it will play.

Internet Tricks

3. Website, you are browsing is safe or not?

For checking it. you have to just edit and type the name of the website in the place of xyloor.com. 


Internet Tips Tricks

4. Delete Your Account From Websites

The people who are browsing the Internet more. Most of them, they have many accounts on various websites. You just have to enter justdelete.me website.

Internet Tips Tricks


5. Open Browser’s Task Manager

There is a task manager on every PC. But, do you know about the browser’s task manager. Yes, it will tell you all the process of browser which run.

To open it, you have to just press SHIFT + ESC button together.

Internet Tips Tricks


6. Convert YouTube Video into GIF Image

GIF (Graphics image interface) image is just a type of an image that supports both static and an animated image.

If you want to convert glimpse of the YouTube video into the GIF image. So, you have to just add gif after the www.

Here, we see an example of this process:

We have this link:

Now, we have to just add GIF

After completion of the above process, that link will redirect you to the GIF maker page.

Internet Tips Tricks

7. Get Free Proxy

Do you know you can use Google translate to getting a proxy address? Yes, you have to just put any language on the left side except English language. And translate it into another language. Now, use that address which you will get from the above trick as a proxy.

Internet Tips Tricks

8. Automatically Apply Coupon Code

Use joinhoney for getting the discount via coupon code while shopping online.


9. Check Username or Email Part of the Famous Hacks

Almost, everyone has an email account. You must check it that your email account is the part of the hacks via haveibeenpwned.com. It will you show you that there is a breached account or not.

Internet Tips Tricks

10. Get Less Price of Online Product

While shopping online, you should use incognito mode. Because, online sites increase price if you open any online website repeatedly. It is especially applied on airline tickets, hotel tickets and railway tickets etc.


Hope, you will enjoy all those Internet tricks. And it will be helpful for you. If you like this article. Please, let us know!

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