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Apple WWDC 2015 10+ iOS 9 features Apple Fans must know

Apple WWDC 2015: 10+ iOS 9 features Apple Fans must know

In San Francisco, Apple launched its new OS iOS9 on 9 June 2015 developer conference. During this event Apple also announced a new OS for Apple watch.

Apple is the world’s largest tech giant and we know that their products always come with the new and more advanced features. And other companies adopt that new feature. As Always Apple announced the most awaited iOs9 operating system with the number of great features at the WWDC 2015 developer event.

Recently, Apple’s biggest competitor, Google also launched its new OS, Android M with many special advanced features at Google I/O 2015. Check out the features of latest Android M via below link. Now, we are going to tell you about recently launched Apple iOS 9 features.

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Apple announced latest iOS 9 features already available on Android-

  • Multitasking

    In the old OS from Apple, there is no multitasking feature this lack of facility full filled by apple developers in this new OS iOS 9. IOS 9 has new features such as slide over split view and picture in picture.

  • Split view

    Use of slide over users can open one or more app at the same time.

  • Slide Over

    Without stopping any app users can open another app.

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  • Picture in Picture

    User can watch video and listening songs while they’re talking about the iPhone

  • Better Battery Performance

    iOS 9 OS will give you better battery performance than older iOS. IOS 9 apps will take less battery from the phone. Apple enhanced phone battery life in iOS 9 with the help of ambient sensor, Light sensor and proximity sensor.

  • News Apps 

    Apple introduced its latest newsstand app which app has various types of news such as science, politics and sports etc. Apple news app user interface will so portable and not more complicated for news geek. It will how you various types of magazines and news categories. It has various types of digital magazines. It will give you personalized content from various top and sophisticated publishers such as TOI, TED etc.

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  • Better Search Facility

    Old iOS have limited search features than iOS 9. IOS 9 has a more advanced search facility. Siri will smarter than old siri. It will give better search suggestions about your interest. With the help of this new search facility, you can able to search inside 3rd party apps. You can do math calculations so easily. It will also tell you about sports scores and weather forecasts.

  • Less update Size

    iOS 9 apps will take less memory to update. Many iOS 8 users have been frustrated from app size. When, users updated iOS 8 apps it took more space after updating. IOS 8 users complained that updated apps was one of the big reasons to delete their some important data like videos, images and audio files. Updated apps size is more than un-updated apps. IOS 9 will take 3 times less space than iOS 8.

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  • New Notification System

    Apple announced new more advanced notification system. It will also take less battery. It will update your apps while you’re sleeping.

  • Siri is smarter

    Siri is the Apple’s voice calling assistant, which can do only basic works like voice-to-text message, straightforward text, reminder etc. Of course in iOS 9 siri will smarter than iOS 8. Now, Siri will come with more special features such as give information checks unknown caller details.

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  • Better Security

    Everyone wants more security about their data. Apple will give you so secure and more advanced better security features in IOS 9. Now, touch key has 6-digit passcode while in iOS 8 has 4-digit key passcode. According to Apple, 4-digit has 10000 possible combination while 6-digit has 1 million possible combination. So, guest users will be more confusing to open lock.

Source: Apple.com

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