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Apple iPhone 6 price

Apple Inc. announced its iphone 6, watch, iOS 8 and pay system

APPLE Inc. is the most reliable brand in the technology world. Apple announced its new iPhone 6, APPLE WATCH and APPLE PAY on September 2014. This major announcement is the big announcement of the apple in this big program.

Apple is the biggest company in the technology field. Millions of people wait to buy the apple products. Because, Apple products have many qualities like its GUI ( Graphical user interface), awesome design, powerful, luxurious and very stylish.

Come with me, and we are seeing the apple announcement of the year september 2014

1. The new iPhone 6 – Apple Inc. launched the very smarter and faster new iPhone 6 in two varients. First is iPhone 6 and the another one iPhone 6 plus. The iPhone 6 has 4.7 inch screen size and and iphone 6 plus having a big screen of 5.5-inch. Both the iPhones 6 looking full of charms.

2. New chips –  The new Apple iPhone 6 packs a new ‘A-8’  chip. This ‘A-8’ chips are very powerful, faster and saves the time. This ‘A-8’ chips make the new iPhone 6 to more powerful.

3. Camera-   We all peoples are known that iPhone 6 is the advanced than the older iPhones. The new iphone 6 having a more powerful camera than the older iPhones. The iPhone 6 camera having many features like high quality video recording and takes sharp stil photo. The iPhone 6 plus is the advanced version than the iphone 6. So, its camera features having optical image stabilization.

4. New Operating System (iOS 8) – The New iPhone 6 runs on the iOS 8 platform. This apple latest iOS 8 will be available for the iPhone customers on 17 September. The iOS 8 having many new exciting features. So, wait and watch for iOS 8.

5. iPhone 6 price –  Expected iPhone 6 price contract with the America market is between 199 $ to 499 $. The new iPhones 6 will come in many beautiful colors –  white, space grey and gold. On 19 September, iPhone 6 would be available in these colors in the international market.

6. Apple Pay –    Apple Inc. launched its latest pay system. With the new iPhone 6 and new Apple smartwatch Apple Inc. also launched its new service Apple pay. Apple pay is very useful service for the Apple customers.  Apple customers can pay bills through ‘APPLE PAY’. This service is not follows the traditional cash or card system to pay the bill. In this pay system,

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7. Apple Watch –  After a long time, Apple Inc. launched its new stylish, smarter, faster, luxurious synthesis of technology and awesome ‘APPLE WATCH’ . The Apple smart watch is available in many colors in the market. The price of this new smart watch starts at approximately $350 and will be availbale in the early next year.

 >  Very close to user –  Apple smart watch is very close to its user. It gives all the information to the user. Apple watch supports the ‘APPLE PAY’.

>  Digital Crown – Many features of apple watch control from its nearest dial. Apple says this dial ‘Digital Crown’. Digital crown uses for navigates lists and  zoom in on the data.

>  Models – Apple watch will come in three different models from a baseline version to an ultra- luxe 18K gold edition. This sexy watch has six changeable bands —> You can personally customize the watch.

apple watch

8. The Ending of this program with ‘U2’ band –  The most famous band in the world ‘U2’ has performed in this apple 2014 exhibition program at the end of the program. ‘U2’ band will launch its new album in Apple iTunes on October.

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