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LG friends: 360 CAM, 360 VR, H3 B&O Play, Rolling Bot, Tone Platinum

One of the most popular Korean company LG had launched its award winning, most innovative and flagship smartphone LG G5. This is the first modular smartphone company has built yet.

LG G5 unveils the state of the art in this area. It has opened the new capabilities of the smartphone. The innovative thing is in this smartphone is- LG & friends. This is the pioneer in this arena.

LG G5 has a number of great features. But, we’re not talking about LG G5 specs. We’re going to tell you about LG G5 & Friends. There are six friends as a module of the LG G5. So, the modules are-

LG Friends- LG G5 Module List & Introduction

LG G5 & Friends contains six gadgets which is totally different and latest in the era of smartphones. LG G5 launched with its six friends at the MWC 2016 in Barcelona.

LG G5 Removable Battery Module

The LG G5 removable battery isn’t the new concept. But, this removable battery is the module of the LG G5. Means that you can remove the battery and plug it for charging. After charging again fit with the phone. This quick swap battery is awesome.

The LG G5 battery has 2800mAh removable battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

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LG Friends- 360 CAM

This is the first LG 360 CAM which records 360 degree 2K videos and shoots 360 degree photos. This is pretty amazing modular.

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LG Friends- CAM PLUS

LG G5 CAM PLUS module has 1200 mAh powerful battery. And it has easy control grip. This module is too comfortable for capturing the photos and recording the videos. This module will give you the next level experience on camera.

With this LG G5 CAM plus module battery is increased 1200 mAh. After inserting this module, battery will be 4000 mAh.

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LG Friends- 360 VR

As seen the amazing virtual reality technology is growing too fast in the market. LG launched it’s new 360 VR. It connects to the phone via USB-C port.

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LG Friends- HiFi Plus with B&O Play

In addition to another module, LG also has focused on providing high quality and low noise sound. LG teamed up with the Bang & Olufsen’s play division and launched HiFi plus B&O module high end sound module. It has pro grade and a portable audio DAC.

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LG Friends- Rolling Bot

The LG roller bot module is the amazing robot for the LG G5 which has a camera, a mic, built in speakers, and laser pointer. It can be specially used for caring for pets and home from anonymous person.

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LG Friends- Tone Platinum

Tone Platinum is based on Harman Kardon sound technology. It provides good and high sound quality with minimum distortion.

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