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Microsoft free Apps
Microsoft Free Apps

Microsoft Free Apps 2016 For Windows iOS & Android

Most of the time Microsoft takes money for its apps and softwares as we know. But, Microsoft also give us some useful Microsoft Free apps which is totally free. Many people know about the various type of Android and iOS app. Because, Android and iOS based devices are widely used in the world as compare to Windows based smartphone and tablet devices.

Microsoft provides us plenty of great apps, which has plenty of advantageous features. In this article, you will know about all those Microsoft free apps such as MSN Food & Drink, OneNote, MSN Health, MSN travel, SmartGlass etc. Absolutely, the contents of these apps was written by experts in that particular topic.

Microsoft free Apps which is being discussed in this article that apps has invaluable information with respect to their circumstances. For example, If we take MSN health. Really, it contains worthwhile information all about health. That’s why, we are giving you some very useful and incredible Microsoft Free Apps which will be important for you.


Most important and useful Microsoft Free apps

These Microsoft Free Apps which is given below on the basis of our own experience.

      • MSN Food & Drink

        MSN food & Drink gives you facility to access more than one lakh. This apps contains various type of food and drink recipes of world’s masterchef. You can watch best “how to” videos of masterchef and also save the your favourite recipes. And add your all favourite recipes in your shopping list.

        World’s best masterchef’s including Sanjeev Kapoor, Alessandro Borghese, Daniel Boulud, Vikram Vij, Jean Christophe Novelli are gives many special on MSN food and drinks. Its the first Microsoft free apps.

      • OneNote

        I think its the best apps for those people who work together and simultaneously. Microsoft OneNote app is very useful app where you can to edit, organize and update your notes with the Microsoft’s extended OneNote for the web. With the help of one note you can create notes from scratch and also organize your notes.

        You can easily and systematically browse and search your notes on OneNote. This app is sync with variety of platforms like Macs, iPads & iPhones, Windows PCs, Windows phones and Android based devices.

        One or more people can work together VIA Microsoft Onenote. To know about Microsoft OneNote in brief Go on this link. Microsoft free apps OneNote is so useful for companies, blogger or who do work like that.

      • Office Remote

        You can manage your office tasks via office remote app. This app is changed your smartphone into the smart remote. As you know that Office Remote app is the Microsoft app that’s why its able to to interact with your iPad, iPhone and Mac.

        You can remotely access your Microsoft Office products such as power point, Excel, Word via this app. During the presentation, you can easily move in the hall.

      • SmartGlass

        Xbox SmartGlass turns your device including smart TV, smartphone and tablet screen into the second screen and this screen will interact with your device so intelligently. You can control your Xbox One with the help of SmartGlass.

        You can enhanced your entertainment experience with this SmartGlass. Xbox SmartGlass is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices. To know more about Xbox SmartGlass Go to this link.

      • MSN Travel

        Microsoft MSN travel is best app for travellers who likes travelling. Its popular among the travel lovers. If you are confused where you want to go? then it will give you so efficient trip ideas with respect to your money and choice. This app contains information about thousands destinations, guides, maps, hotel reviews and restaurants for its users.

        This also gives you facility to compare ticket’s price of multiple flights. Also, track your flight status, arrival and departure time of flights. Means that it gives you sophisticated, organized and well informed complete travel guide in a single app.

      • MSN Health

        Microsoft health app is useful to live heathier life. Nowdays, every people are health concious that’s why this is the powerful app for you. All platforms like iOS, Android and Windows supports this app. It works flawless with various activity-tracking devices like smart watches, Microsoft ‘band’ and smartphones.

        Smartphones plus services like MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper are easily connect with MSN Health. Microsoft Health app is cloud-based service application which cares your fitness and complete your fitness goals.

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Go and use these Microsoft Free Apps, because these apps will very helpful for increasing your knowledge about Health, Travel and Food Drink. If you want to get latest updates our articles. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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