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Top 10 Microsoft Office 2016 Features will Amaze You

Microsoft is the world’s most ubiquitous organization for everything from simple word processor to multi-purpose operating system company. Recently, a couple of months ago Microsoft launched its sophisticated OS Windows 10 which is running successfully in the IT market. After that huge launching finally Microsoft has started to roll out Microsoft Office 2016 worldwide. It has added new cloud computing and teamwork features. It’s the latest edition of cloud-based subscription Office 365. It’s also available for Apple Mac users. Microsoft is perpetually working for providing outrageous features to its customers. You have not to pay top dollar for Office 2016.

“The way people work has changed dramatically, and that’s why Microsoft is focused on reinventing productivity and business processes for the mobile-first, cloud-first world,” Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive, said.

In office 2016, Microsoft has redesigned the its traditional office suite with good appearance and mien. UI of Microsoft Office is so familiar. Be like it will useful for you. I know that you’re gung ho to perceive Office 2016 features. So, in this article, we are going to deliberate about the latest Microsoft Office 2016 features.

Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 2016 is the best combination for doing any work. Office 2016 has specially designed for Windows 10.

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List Of 10 Microsoft Office 2016 Features

Working with Outlook’s Groups

Microsoft represented Office 365 Groups in its previous Office 365 version. After the successful running of Office 365 Groups. It’s giving again groups facility with more features. There are so many multinational and national companies which collaborate via virtual meetings, IM, email, Video on new projects. Look at this hassle, Microsoft has provided many new features for working together with Outlook Desktop Groups, Office 365 Enterprise Mailboxes or 365 groups.

In Microsoft office 2016, Microsoft is providing those all feature which is used during virtual communication. They’re using this technique because it’s the most efficient way for communication. Outlook 2016 provides you to create and manage groups. You can update, manage and access all your conversation history, activities of groups and files from One Drive. Microsoft has given these facilities from within Outlook.

Tell Me Box will Tell You All Query’s Answer

In the Office 2016, Microsoft has provided vivacious search query box. The name of this box is Tell Me Box. It will make you more productive. Because, with this new feature you’re able to search which you want to know. Tell me Box is located in the center top of the title bar. You can search anything in ‘Tell Me Box’ such as how to create watermark, how to do graph representation etc.

Latest Co-Authoring Feature

With this new Office 2016 feature, author and co-author can work together simultaneously without any intrusion. Usually, word and power point are good for the authors and co-authors work together. This feature is superb for writers because, they can easily access, check and manage the contents.

Easily Share The Data

Nowadays, sharing is the most important part for every office user. Because, they can’t do anything without sharing means that what I am saying. There’re many documents which we share. To caring of this feature, Microsoft has provided just click the Share button on Ribbon bar. With the help of Share button, you can see who has rights to access the documents. And who is presently working. Also, you can give permissions as you want to give.

Real Time Typing

Office 2016 provides us Real-Time Typing facility. With this new feature, you can collaborate your document with others and Vice-Versa. With this feature, you’re able to see meanwhile what your partner is the editing of the document.

Sway is a Revolution Of  Digital Presentation

Sway is a new way for making the presentation with organizing and sophisticated manner. It provides us convenient features. It’s good better than the power point. It has changed the way of representation completely with its precocious coming features.

It has drag and drop features for doing something. You can easily drag and drop photos, YouTube videos, OneDrive from Smartphone, Tablet or Web Browser. According to Microsoft, Sway is more flexible and smarter than power point. Also, you can share your ideas with click sharing button.

Sway is not available now. It will be available for users in 2016. But, you can check it out via this link.

Microsoft Visio and Visio Pro

Microsoft Visio has come with adequate new features such as newfangled redesigned shape and much more. It contains all new IEEE standard based Basic Electrical Templates. Now, you can connect your excel data with diagrams of Visio.

Office 365 Planner: New Way of Planning

As clear from its name, it’s useful for making plans. Microsoft has represented this new tool to do teamwork in an easy way. You can plan everything like new project plans, marketing event or something like that. It contains a number of options in the sidebar such as planner hub, My tasks, Marketing campaign, advertising campaign etc. You can also integrate planner’s conversation with Outlook 2016 groups. Office 365 planner is attached to PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

Skype Business Conversation with Lync Online 

Now, Skype is not only used for chatting, voice call or video call. But also used for business purpose. As we know that Skype is used for interview and some business tasks. Now, Lync is going to transform Skype into Skype business. Your business will grow with new features of Skype in a very systematic and smart way. It will be less time consuming. Because, you will do most of your business deal with new improved Skype. It will be the very strong way of communication among the business persons. And people can communicate with each other simultaneously at a time. They can do all those works which they do in meetings.

Skype for business will be available 14 April 2015.

Smart Lookup

Microsoft Outlook and Word have ‘Smart Lookup’ featuresBut, now Microsoft introduced this feature in both PowerPoint and Excel. It will help you to search anything with Bing search engine. You can also search meaning of any word with the help of the dictionary. You can gather more information about your context with ‘Smart Lookup’. It is located on the right side of the Office tools. For using this feature, you have to enable this feature.

Definitely, Microsoft Office 2016 is a sharp as a tack way for its users.

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