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Mobile Code Tricks: How to reset your phone with codes

In this article, we are talking about the mobile software problem. Smartphone users are growing day by day in the whole world and with increasing of mobile phones problems are also increasing. Mobile technicians are also increasing like mobility problems. They manipulate us when our mobile phones are having various types of software error.

If your mobile has a basic software error. Then, you can solve that error without mobile technician. So, we will tell you some basic tips and tricks for a mobile software solution. These mobile code tricks are very important for dummies like me.

Sometimes, you want to restore or reset your GSM mobile phone with these mobile code tricks. It is useful for solving different types of software problems or to default mobile factory setting. In this article, we are mainly four mobile code tricks. So, you can use these tricks to solve that problem.

You will need these tricks when your phone is having problems, which are given below-

  • Your phone has got locked. –
  • You have forgotten your secret password.
  •  Your phones get hanged.

Precautions – Before applying these mobile code tricks care about these points. If you want to save your data such as images, video, songs etc. And also your contact list it is most important for you sometimes. So, take backup of those things.

If you want to Android Secret Codes, Go to this:

Mobile Code Tricks For Different Phones

How to reset Samsung Mobile Phones – In these types of cases, you will need to reset your phone to restore the original factory setting. Because, no one doesn’t want to lose their phone. To solve the software problems, see these steps which are given below-

  • If you want to save your contacts. Then, first remove the SIM card from your phone.
  • After that, enter the following password: *2767*3855, these code will help you for restoring your original factory settings.
  • If you want to reboot your phone, type *2767*2878#.

How to reset LG Mobile Phones- 

  • Same here, if you want to save your contacts. Then, first remove the SIM card from your phone.
  •  After that, enter the following password: 2945#*#, this code will show you several options.
  • If you want to reset your LG Mobile phone. Then, select reset option.

How to reset Motorola Mobile Phones – After that, enter the following password: *#**367628# and after types this press call button. This code will use for master reset. -Type this code *#**778337# after one minute. This code will reset your Motorola mobile phone easily.

  • How to reset Nokia Mobile Phones for Symbian 60 OS – To reset the Nokia Mobile Phones. Follow these simple steps: Go to settings >>Select Reset>>type the master code *#7979# and now your Symbian based phone is reset.
  • If you want to reset any Nokia mobile phone – Go to Settings and select reset or restore Factory Settings. After that, type the master code: 12345. Select Ok. Now, your task is completed.
  • Nokia mobile phone that have No Restore factory Setting or No reset option – We have two options for reset such type of Nokia phone that have No Factory Settings and No Reset Setting. 1. We have a soft formatting code i.e *#7370# followed by the code 12345 2. We have another code that is hard formatting code: *#7780# followed by code 12345.

I think these Mobile Code Tricks are useful for you. For getting latest updates on Facebook, Go to this link.

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