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YouTube End Screen Card Annotations

How To Use New YouTube End Screen Card Annotations For Mobile

The well known, an amazing video blog website YouTube always comes new features on the YouTube. Recently, it introduced a quite impressive YouTube End Screen Card Annotations.

For sincere YouTubers, this is a great surprise. All Youtubers were waiting for this. When, they will be able to use cards and annotation for mobile. Now, the card and annotations will seem on YouTube mobile app.

Actually, what is the problem?

We added cards, annotations on the YouTube videos. But, It only appeared over the YouTube website on a computer, laptop or devices like that. Now, It is available for mobile.

Surprisingly, the end screen card & annotation feature will make your video boom for YouTube mobile app. This new feature looks pretty cool and beautiful.


Let’s talk about solution, we will not let you leave on the problem. We are going to share with you all about this new End Screen cards and annotation feature. Means, how to use that?

How To Add YouTube End Screen Card Annotations on YouTube

You have to follow just a chunk of steps to know:

  1. Log into your YouTube Account.
  2. Go to your YouTube Video Manager
  3. Click on the “Down Arrow” (Next to the ‘Edit’ button).
  4. Click on “Cards”.
  5. Click on “End Screen and Annotations”.
  6. Now, you get “Add Element”.
  7. You have “Video or Playlists” on the very first option.
  8. Now, 3 options Most Recent upload, Best for viewer and Choose a video or playlist.
  9. Choose which you want to add up on your video.
  10. Over the add element option, there are 4 options. Likewise, you can use the option.

Key Note: A notice about this element is only works for very last 20 seconds.

If you got YouTube End Screen Cards Annotations useful for your YouTube video. And you got this article is fruitful for you. Please, let us ping on the comment section below. Follow us on YouTube.

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