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Portable Apps 2016: 20 Best Portable Apps for Graphic Designer

In the present era, everyone has personal computer in their home. We have got to install many software in our computer. Sometimes, we install many softwares in our computer. Some heavy softwares can hang our computer. So, we should use alternative option ie. portable apps. Because, it’s not too heavy. And you can use it anywhere.

Portable apps software are light version. These apps can run on host computer without install. These type of apps don’t change the configuration of computer. You can work safely on public computers with the help of these portable apps. Portable apps don’t take space much on computer’s hard disk. Because, portable apps don’t install in computer. It will not slow your computer. Portable apps is one of the best option to do important works.

This article has best useful 20 portable apps from different section which is too easy.

List of Portable Apps For Graphic Designer


It is a video editor app which is used to cut the video, filter and also encode the video. This app supports the different types of file format and gives good output. But, the output depends on the person who edits the video.

avidemux Portable App


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) has various types of special features. It is one of the best alternatives of Photoshop and used for retouching and composition of the image.

portable App GIMP


It is used for managing your digital photos. You can crop, resize your photos. And you can also correct red-eyes.

MobaPhoto Portable App


It is a photo editor which is full from many photo editing tools such as correction and denoise settings. This app has various types of enhancing options and filters.

active pixels Portable App


It is one of the best portable apps which is used for 3D modeling animation.

Anim8or Portable App


This software suite is used for 3D creation and you can create 3D movies and high quality 3D graphics.

xBlender Portable App


This vector editor supports many advanced features of SVG such as clones, markers and alpha blending, etc.Inkscape Portable App

Diagram Designer

This vector graphics editor app is used for creating flowcharts, slide shows and UML class diagrams.

Diagram Designer Portable App


SmillaEnlarger is a graphical tool which is used to magnify and resize bitmaps in high quality.

SmillaEnlarger Portable App


There are so many apps for making Icon and which app is absolutely full of many powerful tools. But, IconFX app is one of the best portable app which is specially used for icon creation, extraction and editing.

IconFX Portable App


Sometimes, we want to take screenshot of any webpage. We have no option for taking screenshot. SiteShoter is used for take screenshot of webpage.

screenshoter Portable App

AMP Font Viewer

This app is powerful font manager, which allows getting a quick overview of both installed and non installed fonts.

amp font viewer portable App


Sometimes, we want to create like sketch we have no tool for that purpose. But, FotoSketcher portable app to  converts your digital photos into art.

FotoSketcher Portable App


It is a visual CSS editor. Developers can practice of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) on Oiko.

portable App Css Oiko


Photoscape is alos used for photo editing app. You can enhance and filter your photo easily with this app. enhance photos.

photoscape portable App


It opens and scales images so fast. It is free open viewing program. You can open one or more images very easily and freely on your screen.

osiva Portabla App


It is specially used to create different types of diagram such as E-R (Entity-Relationship) diagram, flowcharts, UML diagrams and network diagrams etc.

Dia Portable app

PicPick Tools

If you want to pick any color from any object. then you can use this tool. It has many features image editor, crosshair, pixel ruler, color palette, whiteboard, color picker, protractor and powerful capture tool etc.

PicPick Portable App

PNG optimizer

It is used to take PNG screenshot. You can take very easily PNG screenshot with the help of this app.

Png Optimizer Portable App


With the help of Riot app you can save your images or other media for web/email with the best quality and compression ratio.

RIOT portable App

If you want to download these all needy designer portable apps, go to this link.

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