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7 Steps to Recover Pen Drive’s Hidden Files

With the help of fast data transfer and data storage devices, nowadays, there is fat chance of using DVD, CD etc. When, we talk about the best way of storing data and you can move with that data without any disruption. The name of the device which comes in our mind that the name is pen drive. But, sometimes we are lost data from it and if the data is too important. So, it’s necessary for recovering the data. And we had no an idea to get lost data at that time.

Only the reason for losing the data is that sometimes, we feed the pen drive from data. And who cares about viruses!. But, when you connect your pen drive with a PC. And it asks for scan and fix or continue without scanning. If you choose to scan and fix option and PC will get any malware. Then, it can erase your data. And you will be handicapped for fixing this problem.

In this condition, data is hidden in your Pen Drive. Pen Drive shows occupied space. And you enter into the Pen Drive. There are no data. And you are shocked. That’s why I am going to share this trick with you for recovering your lost data. Because I faced this dilemma recently. Guys, follow these simple steps and get your lost data.

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How to recover your Pen Drive’s lost data or hidden files

1. First, You’ve to connect your Pen Drive to your PC.

2. You will have got to see the drive name means that which drive contained Pen Drive. (F: drive or K: drive or something like that). In my case, it’s K: drive.

3.  After the above steps, You’ve to open a command prompt (WIN+R > Write cmd > Enter).

4. You’ve to write your drive’s name, with existing path which is in command prompt.

5. Now, you will get K: \> (I mentioned, it can be different in your PC K: or F:).

6. Append this command attrib -s -h -r /s /d with K:\>. (K:\> attrib -s -h -r /s /d).

7. Finally, you can check your Pen Drive. And you’ll get your hidden data.

If you have got any problem in the above trick. So, you can ask from us. And for getting latest updates, you can follow us on YouTube.

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