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How to run wordpress offline on xammp ( offline server)

Hello, guys. We are giving you a trick to run WordPress offline. We all know that all the famous websites are using content management system a.k.a. CMS. The most famous websites ( i.e. TechCrunch, The Guardian, labnol, shoutmeloud etc.) are powered by WordPress CMS. Approx 70% websites are built on WordPress CMS. Different types of CMS like joomla, opencart, magento etc. Are used for creating a website.

WordPress CMS is very efficient and easier way to making websites. If you want to practice on WordPress CMS platform offline, then you can install it on your local server. So, we are going to show you how to install WordPress offline. Because, we want to save your time and money.

In offline WordPress CMS…“No Internet, No spend time and also money”. You can do all things in offline WordPress like online WordPress. If you want to install WordPress plugins on your offline WordPress site. Download the plugins on your computer. And save this plugins in WordPress folder. For installing the plugins, read this article – How to Install WordPress Plugins“.

Basic Things For running the WordPress

1. Download and Install Xampp Server-

We all peoples are known that every website run on the server. So, first install XAMPP SERVER on your computer. For download XAMPP SERVER, Go to this link

2. Download and Install WordPress-

For using the WordPress offline on your computer. You would download and install WordPress on your computer. For download WordPress zip file. Its latest version 4.0, Go to this link

WordPress and xampp server is totally free. So, the next question is that.


How to setup WordPress on XAMPP SERVER..?

After installing the XAMPP server and WORDPRESS on your computer. Follow these steps-

1. Open the zip file of WordPress. And you have gotten a WordPress folder. Copy this WordPress folder and paste on the xampp folder. You get this folder on C DRIVE of a computer.

2. After first step, start xampp server on your computer. Because, WordPress does not run on your browser without running server. So, start xampp server and after that start APACHE and MYSQL.

3. In the third step, go to on your browser -> localhost (write on search bar).

4. After that, open the WordPress folder on your browser and click on create a configuration  file. In this moment you see on the browser’s search bar this link http://localhost/wordpress/. If you get this link on your browser. You are going right.

5. In the step 5, you get this link to search bar http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/setup-config.php. If you get this link on the search bar of your browser. On this page, you get “Let’s go!” button. Click on this button.

6. After this process, you get this link to search bar http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/setup-config.php?step=1. You see on this page five text boxes that name is the database name, user name, password database host and table prefix. After getting this all boxes stop the whole process. And follow the step 7.

7. After this little bit long process, open another tab on your browser. And go to this link http://localhost/phpmyadmin.

8. Create a new database (New)- create database and fill the Database name. Suppose that we create a database, which name is WordPress. After creating the database WordPress go to this database.

9. Click On privileges. And create a new user with the help of Add User button.

10. Fill the login information, text field user name, host and password. Suppose that we fills the login information form—

Username       – Xyloor (it depends on you)
Host                  – Localhost
Password        – password@ (it also depends on you)

11. On this page, you will get database for user and Global privileges(click “Check All”). And click on ‘GO’ button.

12. Continue with step 6, and fill the form of another tab-

Database Name              – wordpress (For database name, See phpmyadmin)
User name                       – xyloor
Password                         – password@
Database Host                – localhost
Table Prefix                     – wp_

13. After this process, click on the submit button. Again, fill the form-

Site Title               – www.xyloor.com
Username            – admin
Password             – password@
Your E-mail        – xyloor@xyloor.com
And click on the button ‘Install WordPress’. Go and login..

14. Fill this login form-

Username    – admin
Password     – password@

And finally, access the WordPress offline on your computer without internet connection. With the help of this process, you can save the time and money.

 VIDEO: How To Run WordPress Offline On Xammp Server

If you don’t understand the whole process… How to easily way to setup WordPress on xampp server???…. And how can you save your time and money with the help of this process???… See this awesome practical video of the whole process. This video shows you to easily way to setup of WordPress on xampp. See this –

For all tech lover, we are giving you more practicals video like this tutorial. Go on our official YouTube page for increase your practical knowledge.

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