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Setup Computer Workstation: Health & Wellbeing, Safety Ergonomics

Most of us, we are fond of using computers. Did you ever think about the cons of improper computer workstation?. This article will tell you about the setup computer workstation effectively.

The technology spreads and touches innumerable fields of life and environment. All the official works are going online instead of offline. Because, its very easy, simple and secure.

Neither, People don’t have much time for thinking about health or daily routine. Instead, they are literate, but they don’t care about health until it worse.

Out of 24 hours of a day we give around 7-10 hours a day on our job. The hours depend upon person to person and also their work.

Especially, the job which is done on a desk or computer by peoples. And they don’t do field work. So, they must read this article.

Now, how can we leave the children?. With the highest quality of interface and graphics of gadgets as well as games. The children are fond of gaming and gadgets. So, they use to play games and browse the Internet.

So, the person who works on a laptop or desktop. It really doesn’t matter what he does on a computer means that playing games, browsing internet, programming or anything like that.

For computer geeks, it is most essential thing that the setup computer workstation must be properly fitted and well managed.

Now, the question is that why should we manage computer workspace? Why am I sharing this?. Is it useless?. No, let me tell you why setup computer workstation properly is most important.

Continuously, you follow wrong postures while working on computer or laptop. So, it affects your health very badly.

Causes of bad posture while working on a computer

There are plenty of problems which occur due to the bad posture. Here, we are listing some common problems-

  • Obesity,
  • Muscle and joint problems
  • Eyestrain, dry eyes, itchy/irritated eyes
  • Behavioral problems, including aggressive behavior
  • Mental Disturbness

The most common problem of improper sitting is back pain. It gives us excruciatingly pain. To get rid of back pain, we have got to do exercises and keep many precautions. If we don’t do that it will be chronic in the future.

There are a number of problems can occur in your body because of bad posture. But, we will not let you in this dilemma. Here, we are going to tell you how can you save your body from this problem.

Whatsoever, problems would occur. But, before facing those, we have to take care of ourself.

Best Tips You Must Follow During  Sitting at a Computer

If you have any of the problems because of bad sitting posture and it’s just started. So, you have to, must follow these guidelines ASAP

  • Keep your head up: Head should be straight.
  • Mouse close to your keyboard.
  • Choose legit chair: Chair should have adjustable back and up-down.
  • Breathe from your stomach: Stomach should be full of air while breathing.
  • Every needy thing should be close from you.
  • Feet should be flat on the floor.
  • Take breaks after 20-30 minutes stretch your Knees, ankle and shoulders.
  • Don’t cross your legs.
  • Receive phone call via headphone.

All these above points, you have to follow while facing that problem. This will surely help you to feel better.

How To Setup Computer Workstation

Either you are new or you have been using a computer for many years. It must be necessary that you have proper computer workstation. If you have been working with a computer for many years. And you have not settled up computer workstation yet. So, you must do this now as soon as possible.

Here, we are going to share with each and every bit of setting up things for best suited computer workstation. Surely, after following this below tips, you will never get in this trouble in future.

Apparently, we will discuss basically on 5 most essential points for setup computer workstation:

  1. Chair
  2. Keyboard
  3. Important things (Such as documents, notes and monitor)
  4. Breaks
  5. Lightning


When, you buy a chair from the market so try to buy DIYable chair. Because, it can be adjusted as per the requirement of your body.

  • Sitting: you have to push your hips as back as you can.
  • Now, the height of the seat should manage as your feet are flat on the surface. Like feet your knees should be straight or slightly bend means lower than buttock. And thighs should be parallel to the floor.
  • The back of the chair should be at the angle of 95°-105° (as per your back) as well as back supported by the chair. If it is not, so use pillows.
  • It can be your armrests are not adjustable. But, you must keep your elbow angle of 90 degrees. And your hand should be at the level of your keyboard so hands will be straight.
  • The last important thing is that try to buy computer chair that has not only up and down facility as well as the angle of the back can change.
  • Also, you can buy lumber support, it fits in the chair. And it keeps care of your spine. For buying this click here.

All these points you must have to follow for sitting arrangement. This is essential for Setup computer workstation.


The keyboard also plays an important role for painless sitting. It is used continuously by the users. We can’t do anything without it.

As we know that the keyboard has a numeric pad on the right side of the keyboard. And those numeric buttons are also on the right side. You can use those buttons.  Or if you are having problem for using that. You can also buy a numeric keypad.

  • The Keyboard should be in front of your body and close to you.
  • The keyboard height must be adjusted so that elbows’ angle should be around between 101° to 115°.
  • You have to take care of your wrists and hand. Both should be straight. Don’t put your wrists bend.
  • You can also use the keyboard tray or keyboard stick (in front bottom of the keyboard) and  for getting proper posture.
  • Also, you can buy a keyboard and mouse pad for maintaining natural postures.
  • Put your mouse close to the keyboard on the desk. If you don’t have any use of the number pad. So, you can place mouse over there with the help of the mouse bridged pad.
  • Remember, if you are not getting natural posture. So, you can use feet stand for keeping your feet in the natural postures on the floor as I told you.

Monitor, Papers, Phone and Notice Stand

This is also an important part of the best-suited sitting arrangement. It is too simple and easy to manage.

The Monitor is placed 2-3 inches above from the level of your eyes.

You just have to keep your all important documents, phone and notes near to your hand. All those things should be in your reach. For getting anything, you should not move from your neutral postures.

To receive phone call you should use earphone. Means, you don’t have to break your posture and bend frequently. For stick the notes, you can also buy a paper stand.


Take regular breaks after some time of period. And follow a 20-20-20 rule which is described specially for taking care of eyes while working on the computer.

I reckon that it is not easy to do stretching after every 3-4 minutes. But, try to do that. For giving rest to your eyes, you can keep your palm over the eyes for 3-4 seconds.


The implementation of proper light during setup computer workstation is damn important. Because, improper light placement affect our eyes. It causes various eye problems such as eye strain, dry eye, itchy eyes and also watery eyes.

To get rid of this problem, firstly we have to use spectacles that should have computer glass. The computer glass is specially designed for protecting eyes from computer harmful rays.

Keep your monitor side of the light instead of the front of the light. Don’t put your monitor directly underneath the light.

You should detect whether the presence of glare and reflection should be proper. Fluorescent light is good.

If there is no window in the room, then you should use low level light.

The Lux value represents the intensity of light. In other words, the light strength of your building. We will give you several general examples and recommendations with regard to light strength, depending on the space and what it is used for.


Packaging and transport150-250 lux
Production lines300-500 lux
Production control400-700 lux
Assembly areas400-700 lux


Meeting room250-400 lux
Computer work300-500 lux
Reading work300-500 lux


Halls, staircases80-200 lux
Shelving400-600 lux
Tills400-700 lux


Sports centres200-300 lux
Halls80-200 lux
Classrooms250-400 lux


Halls100-200 lux
Rooms200-300 lux
Research centres250-600 lux
Operating theatres600-1.500 lux


Lobby, toilets150-200 lux
Reception, desk250-400 lux

Source: econation

Important Points

  • Don’t keep your screen brightness at the discomfort level.
  • Follow 20-20-20 rule for saving your eyes from various eye problems.
  • Set the screen characters as follow: Black characters on white or yellow background. Yellow on black, white on black. White on blue and green on white.

Note: Avoid red and green and yellow on white.

  • Use a lamp beside your PC for illuminating the documents or papers.
  • The Cool white lamp is used for enhancing the blues and greens.
  • A warm white lamp for reds and yellows.
  • For controlling the light which comes through the windows. You should use drapes except veiling.
  • Low reflectance carpet for floor and furniture for the room.
  • Color of your room also matter for best fixture.
  • Use neutral colors for painting the walls.
  • Use light color to paint the ceilings. (White is best)

Let us know, if you got this article is fruitful for you. Share about setup computer workstation tips with your friends and family. We are awaiting for your response.

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