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make your own smartphone projector

10 steps to make your own smartphone projector

A Number of useful tricks of smartphone, users do on their Android, iOS or Windows phone, and we know there are too many tricks available on the internet. So today we come this one of the most searched smartphone related tricks on the internet.

Nowadays, every person wants to watch movies, serials, shows on high end devices with FULL HD technology and also on the big screen. So, we have only two options to take more fun from the entertainment with Full HD and high quality big screen. First is talkies or big screen TV at home and another option is projector.

You don’t want to go anywhere to watch movies or anything like that. And you have a smartphone. So, i have a great idea for you. The idea is that – make your smartphone projector. From the title of this article, you have known that this article is based on- how to use smartphones as projector?

If you have any queries about this article or any other topic of technology. Definitely, I will try to give the answer of your question. Would you like to learn basic SMARTPHONE REPAIRING TIPS?

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Necessary needs For Smartphone Projector-   

Magnifying glass

Box (Shoe box or other box like that)

Pencil or marker


X-Acto knife

Black Paper

Tape and

Absolutely a smartphone

How to make smartphone projector

Firstly, cut out the handle of your magnifying glass.

Now, put the magnify glass on the shoe box and mark around the lens shape via marker or pen on the shoe box.

Cut the mark of the shoe box so neatly and clearly via X-acto knife or any type of cutter.

Put your lens on the hole of the box and tape the magnifying lens on the shoe box with the help of glue.

Use black dark paper to cover the interior of the box.

After the completion of the above steps, lets make a smartphone projector stand which size is as well as your smartphone. This stand will help you to put your smartphone into the shoe box.

Use Thermocol to create the smartphone stand. Cut the two strips of thermocol and put one strip of thermocol over the another strip in the 90 degree position And place your smartphone on the box.

Note- You must be assured that thermocol is black. Because, it’s important inner part of the box is black to make smartphone projector.

To start this process, you should confirm that your Android smartphone’s screen rotation is ON. If it’s OFF then ON. Because, we don’t like to see TV vertically as you know that.

Let’s start your smartphone project and enjoy it.

Guys, you can setup smartphone projector for your home at any spacious place. You can follow us on: YouTube

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