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Smartphone Real or Fake Tips 2016, Everything You Need To Know

There are various brand smartphones are coming in the bulk. So, it’s difficult to know smartphone real or fake. The world’s most popular and reliable brands are Apple, Motorola, Nexus, Nokia, Asus, Samsung and much more. Peoples wait for those smartphone when those are to come.

There are plenty of persons who are in hurry for buying the new smartphone. But, sometimes, third parties or companies also sell that smartphone on cheap price. It looks exactly like a smartphone and sometimes, we buy. The smartphone real or fake, we don’t know.

So, this article is very important for buyers who are going to buy a phone. We are going to look some important steps for buying a smartphone in this article. In which things should we care?. And we are telling you only simple few steps for recognizing your smartphone real or fake.

How To Know Your Smartphone Real or Fake

Here, we are giving some essential steps for recognizing about your smartphone real or fake. All these points are so basic. But, when we buy a smartphone meanwhile we don’t care.

Color And Logo

Firstly, you have to check the look of the iPhone. It’s quite easy step. Only, you have to check color finishing and logo of Apple. You have to check the shed of the Apple logo is proper or not. Because, most of the fake products are recognized by the logo. And no one can copy the logo exactly same. It’s not legal. Design can also be different.

Smartphone’s Weight

Every company specifies their brief product information on the official website. And they give information about the weight of the product. So, it is a simple way to identify smartphone through this way. Because, there is a fat chance that both real and fake smartphone’s weights are same.

Guarantee or Warranty

Nowadays, most official products come with certain warranty or guarantee duration. And as we are aware of that fake thing don’t come with a guarantee or warranty. With the smartphone warranty and guarantee papers. We can get to change or repaired. This is the best way to know about your smartphone.

Smartphone company give one year warranty on their smartphone. And when you buy any smartphone and if it will defected piece. So, you can change your phone under 30 days.

IMEI Number

Easiest way to recognize your smartphone real or fake is that IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Number. Only you have to dial *#06# for knowing the IMEI number of your phone. It is useful when you lose your phone. It is used for blocking the phone.

If your phone has two network SIM card slot. So, it will have two IMEI numbers.

Check Hardware

For identifying the phone, we should check the hardware such home button, power button and volume button. And also look of the camera and speaker. Most of the times it is not same as original phone. If you feel smartphone is fake. So, you can check your phone in the official store or experts.


Definitely, the speed and functions of the genuine smartphone will be different. When, you play fake smartphone. So, you will feel the differences. Because, most of the time touch screen of the genuine smartphone and fake smartphone will make you the difference.

AnTuTu and CPU-Z

AnTuTu and CPU-Z are the best apps to know about the phone genuinely. AnTuTu will tell you that your phone is genuine phone or clone phone. Actually, it contains all the information about phones. And it recognizes about any phone with the help of phone’s information data.

CPU-Z is the finest app to know about the all the information about any smartphone in the depth. It does not give the information on the basis of stored data or something like that. It recognizes all the information directly from the hardwares and sensors.

Boot Logo

This is the very basic and simple step. Because, when, you start any smartphone. So, the fake phone’s boot logo looks fake. They can’t use the original logo of any company.

All above steps which I described. Definitely, these tips will help you for recognizing smartphone real or fake.

Smartphone’s Price

The last step to know about your smartphone is PRICE of a smartphone. It will tell you most of the things about any electronics item in the very first step. So, compare the price first when you buy new smartphone.

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