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Smartphone tech terms: Cache, NFC, BSI sensor, HDMI, Octa-core

Nowadays, if we go from one door to next door and definitely, we see every person has smartphone. And person who don’t use smartphone frequently or who is not from technical field. It can be with those people. They don’t know about basic terms of smarpthone. So, they must read this article.

All peoples are solely crazy about to smartphones. But, sometimes, they don’t know about technical terms like NFC, BSI sensor, mAH, resolution, 32-bit processor and 64-bit processor,  quad-core and Octa-core processor, LTE, GPU, NFC, infrared, cache memory etc. All these technical terms are used when you would buy smartphones.

To know about these features of smartphones, we depend on another person who know about that. So, we are going to discuss some basic technical terms in this article which helps you to buy smartphones.

List of smartphone tech terms which used in smartphones and tablets for nerds

  • Smartphone tech terms #1 (What is Wi-Fi Hotspot)-

    You can share your internet data with one or more users with the help of this feature. To take the advantage of this feature. Follow these steps-
    Go on settings > Wireless & Networks > Tethering & portable hotspot > on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
    If you want to secure your internet from unknown users which want to take advantage of your internet. Then, go on Set up Wi-Fi hotspot. You get to network name and security. In security box, select WPA2 PSK and put your password on there. Now, your Wi-Fi is secured.

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  • Smartphone tech terms #2 (What is Cache Memory)-

    Cache memory exists between ROM (Read only memory or external memory) and RAM (Random access memory). This memory saves the data which are recently read. If you want to access recently data which is saved in cache memory recently. You can access that data so quickly. The processor takes data from cache memory in the place of main memory.

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  • Smartphone tech terms #3 (What is BSI sensor)-

    It is a digital image sensor which enhance the quality of the image and also maintain proper light on the image. It maintains the brightness on photo according to natural light.

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  • Smartphone tech terms #4 (What is LTE)-

    The generalize terms is 4G for LTE (Long term evolution). LTE based phone means that the phone supports 4G network.

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  • Smartphone tech terms #5 (What is HSPA)-

    The generalize terms is 3G for HSPA. HSPA based phone means that phone supports 3G network.

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  • Smartphone tech terms #6 (What is GPU)-

    GPU (Graphics processor unit) helps to the gamers for good game response and graphics quality while they are playing games. It works for image input and output.

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  • Smartphone tech terms #7 (What is HDMI)-

    HDMI is used to transfer digital audio and video data. For transfer the data you must have HDMI port and cable.

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  • Smartphone tech terms #8 (What is CyanogenMod)-

    It is open source software which is based on the Android platform. Companies have used this software with special features on the Android platform on their device. Recently, Micromax Yu Yureka has used CyanogenMod.

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  • Smartphone tech terms #9 (What is NFC)-

    Near field communication establishes radio communication between two devices. Typically a distance of 10 cm or less.

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  • Smartphone tech terms #10 (What is GPS)-

    It is a satellite based service which is used to find your location and position. It also gives the information about any specific place. You can find the location of person through GPS.

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  • Smartphone tech terms #11 (What is QUAD Core or OCTA Core processor)-

    In generalizing terms, it’s also called a CPU (Central Processing Unit). Quad means four and OCTA means eight. This processor is also called the multi-core processor. Because, it has at least two or more cores. The difference between single core, quad core and OCTA core processor is that the single core process executes single processes at a time, QUAD core executes 4 processes and OCTA executes eight processes.

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  • Smartphone tech terms #12 (What is 32-bit and 64-bit processor)-

    In a generalizing way, 64-bit processor means that phone in which has 64-bit processor based architecture. Which phone supports the more RAM and ROM. It gives the good battery backup. 32-bit processor has no all facilities like 64-bit. This is the older version.

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  • Smartphone tech terms #13 (What is Android)-

    Android is the most reliable and sophisticated operating system. Nowadays, it’s used in various companies smartphone. Android has various versions cupcake, Froyo, ginger-bread, ice-cream sandwich, lollipop.

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  • Smartphone tech terms #14 (What is Resolution)-

    The quality of the screen display and image are basically depends on resolution. Various resolutions such as HVGA (480*320), VGA (640*480), HD (720*1280), FWVGA (854*480) based smartphone on market. If you want to good smartphone screen display quality. Then, buy smartphone, which has HD or full HD (1920*1080) display.

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  • Smartphone tech terms #15 (mAh)-

    It shows the power of the smartphone battery. The more battery power is good for your phone. Smartphone must be at least 2000mAh power battery.

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