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tips to speed up Android phone

The 5 simple tips to speed up Android phone

Nowadays, Everyone fond of using a good smartphone with decent battery life and faster performance. The point is that the smartphone owners who have an Android smartphone with decent hardware specifications, but they are experiencing lag, freezing, and slow performance issues, why? And how to fix that.

If you are one of those who are experiencing the same problem, then you should follow these 5 simple tips to speed up Android phone. These tricks are very simple and everybody knows, but they never did all at once. We also managed some tips from our last Android performance related articles.

So you must follow all the tips and tricks to enhance your smartphone performance and using experience. Finally, the tricks are —

Disable Animations to speed up Android

Disabling animation is a good and effective option to speed up Android phone.

Steps :

  1. First of all we will need to open settings, then navigate the developer option and tap to open it
  2. In the developer menu, you can see the Windows animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale, Change these options to animation scale 0.5x. You can also choose the animation off option.

If you can’t see the “Developer Option” in the Setting, then what to do?: By default the developer option comes as a hidden feature on some Android phones, that means you will have to unlock it. To unlock the developer option, you will need to go to “about phone” option which can be located under setting menu, here you will have to tap 7 times repeatedly in “Build number”, that’s it. The developer option in now unlocked and you can see it in the settings.

Turn off Widgets

As we know all the running processes on smartphone are responsible for smartphone’s performance and battery backup, and the widget is one of them. So you should remove the unused widgets. As we know, It offers live updates of its related app, and it can also use the Internet. Then you must delete the unused widgets from your screen by dragging it upside. After doing this you can feel extra performance boost in your phone.

Custom Launcher

With the help of Launcher app you can customize your smartphone according to your needs. It can also improve phone’s performance, and we know that there are too many Android launcher apps available in the Play Store that we can download for free. So here we are trying to suggest you the top three launcher apps which are Apex, Nova and Go launcher. You should use apex launcher because it has a very simple user interface, but powerful features.

Background Process

After buying an Android smartphone, you may have to customize it, because I think every smartphone comes pre-loaded with too many bloatwares, exclude google powered phones like Nexus ad some Motorola smartphones. It’s a most recommended to uninstall the app that you don’t want to use. Let’s go to the Background process, In Android the apps are updating itself in the background, so definitely app process runs in the background, and it’s one of the powerful reasons of a phone running slow

Thankfully, the “Developer option” has an option to limit the background process. To decrease the processes, locate the developer options in the settings menu and open it. Now we will have to choose “Background process limit”, select “max 1 or 2 processes”.

Power Off

The too many junk files automatically stored on the phone when you use the Internet. This is why, you must restart your phone at least once a week. The restarting process also cleans the Cache from memory. So develop the habit of rebooting your smartphone.

Extra Tip : You can also use a cache cleaner app like “app cache cleaner” that will help you to delete all the junk files in a single click.

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