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photo sharing websites

Photo sharing websites 2016: Top 10 photo stock and sharing websites

Photographer, camera users and some peoples who like photography. They want to store their memories somewhere. But, the big problems is space with them. And some peoples are attatched with photographs sentimentley. So, we are sharing   the solution of this problems. We have collection of some websites which  saves your photos carefully in their website. And you can also edit your photos in that websites. Photo sharing websites is the good way to earn money online. For more information about earn money without investment: How to earn money online from home without investment.

In photo sharing websites, every users can share their photos in anywhere like facebook, twitter etc. In this article, we will share with you photo sharing websites which stores all your  photos in their own space. And you can share your photos and art with photo sharing websites.

In this article, you will know about world’s top photo sharing websites.

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10 Photo Sharing Websites which is widely used worldwide

  1. Picasa
  2. Flickr
  3. Imgur
  4. Instagram
  5. smugmug.com
  6. Kodakgallery
  7. photobucket
  8. snapfish
  9. 500px
  10. DeviantArt

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1. Picasa

Picasa is the sophisticated photo sharing website among the peoples. Picasa is the product of google. Picasa is available for users both online and offline varient. These online and offline features of the picasa is one of the reason that its so popular among the photo sharing websites. Picasa gives to users free 1GB storage for saves their photos in picasa. And pay 20$ for  10GB storage to saves their photos. You can also download and install picasa software in your own computer. Picasa  software is specially for search, edit and organize your saved photos of computer. Many websites gives this types of facilities  for users. In picasa, you can give different type of special effects on photos. After editing that photos you can save that photos  on online store. This store is called Picasa web album. And you can also share these photos on Google plus with another  people. If you want to take advantage of this facility. Than, go on this link picasa.google.com. You can also tag this photos  with your friends and family. Picasa is one of the best sharing website among the photo sharing websites.

2. Flickr

Flickr is also a most famous photo sharing website among the people. Picasa is google’s photo sharing website. So, how is it possible??? – Yahoo has not photo sharing website. Flickr is the yahoo’s photo stock and sharing website. You can edit, share and tag photos on flicker. Flicker is also gives the free and paid facility. Users gets 1000GB of free storage on flickr, enough space for more than 500,000 photos. Its free version gives the unlimited storage to saves the photos. But ,the condition is that you can upload only 100MB/month. While, gives 24.95$/year for paid version. This sites also gives you groups facility means that you can add people of same interest as you and also can give comments. Flicker also gives some special facilities like geo-tagging, sharing and networking. These all facilities are helps you to search photos on google and you can get easily flicker photos on google search. And get awesome tips and tricks of photography on flicker.

3. imgur

IMGUR , the most sophisticated and world famous website. Imgur is an online image hosting service website.  Imgur has also having all basic facilities of photo sharing website. Users can submit their photos on imgur gallery directly for voting, comments and sharing of that photo. imgur generates its revenue from  Pro accounts on imgur, ad sales, merchandise and  commercial hosting. imgur has content creation tool i.e the Imgur Meme Generator.

4. Instagram

INSTAGRAM, one of the world famous an online mobile photo-sharing and video-sharing website. Instagram users can share their pictures and videos on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. Instagram has many different features is that it confines user’s photos to a square shape. Instagram gives the facilities to its users that users apply digital filters on own images. Instagram videos  maximum duration is 15 seconds. Instagram is popular among the photo sharing websites. If you want to know about instagram tips, then go on this article : INSTAGRAM TIPS.

5. Smugmug.com

This webasite is also having features like photo editing, sharing and tagging. But, some more features are having in this website like masking, animation and slide show etc. This facilities makes the photo more attractive and beautiful. You can share your photos on facebook, twitter and instagram by masking technique. You can make slide show of your photos with the help of flash animation and share this photo on your blog or website. You can also make your own slide show or photo gallery. You can customize your slide show.

6. Kodakgallery.com

World famous camera manufacture company kodak makes this website for camera users. But users are also takes full advantage of this facility. Because, it is totally free website. This website is also having all basic features such as editing, sharing and tagging. You can create your own slide show. And they can also know about people who is see this photo. You can make your own personal domain name such as www.kodakgallery.com/yourname. Perhaps, this facility is only on this website. All photo sharing websites are not give this facility.

7. Photobucket

Photobucket is also having all basic features to users such as editing, sharing and you can create and customized your own album. But photobucket is having some special features which are makes photobucket to diffrent from another sites. You can share a one click your photos on social networking sites like facebook, tumblr and twitter etc. Its having some speciality like editing tool and drag & drop tool. Users can also insert the background music in the photos. Photobucket has also having both versions free and paid. In free version, you can use only 2GB space and for paid version 24.95$/year.

8. Snapfish

Snapfish  also gives the all basic features of photo sharing websites. You can use both offline and online version. Its photo editing tool removes the red-eye problem of photos. Snapfish offline software gives the facilities of transfer and edit the photos.

9. 500px

500px is also the famous for photo sharing website among the photographer. 500px is aimed at professional photographers. And 500px encourages the photographers to upload their works on 500px website. 500px free version allows you to upload 20 photos a week (unlimited uploads cost $25 a year). Users can also sell prints of their own photo, but with prices starting at $36 (12 x 18 print).

10. DeviantArt

DEVIANTART,one of the biggest art website for user-made artwork. Because, website has over 297 million unique art pieces.  It provides a best platform for artist to show and discuss their artistic works. deviant art has different type of categories such as cultural art, digital artwork, application and operating system skins and others. this website has downloadable tutorials and stock photography. Here you can sell or buy your artistic work.

So, this all the photo sharing websites. You can earn money with this photo sharing websites.

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