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How To Disable Background Apps On Windows 10

Windows 10 Tutorial: How To Turn Off Background Apps

The tech giant, Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10 has a number of great features. I am also using Windows 10 on my PC, when I was checking it out in the last couple of days, sometimes, it has happened to me that I got a number of notifications during working.

These notifications are so irritating. Background apps slow the speed of internet and consume more power. You can’t feel power consuming problem in Windows 10 without a laptop or anything like laptop. So, I have got a solution of this problem. In this article, I am going to share with you – How can you disable background apps?

If you wouldn’t like to receive the unusual notification and updates of that app on your device. Then, you can stop those apps which apps notification is not useful for you. With the help of this tip, you can save internet data and power of your device. I will show you this process via a video. So, turning off your background apps and enjoy with Windows 10.

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3 Steps To Disable Windows 10 Background Apps-

1. Go to Settings, and tap/click on the privacy icon.

2. You get the number of options on the left side of that window. Little bit scrolls down, and select background apps.

3. After the above process, you get “let apps run in the background“. You will get many app’s options. Now, turn on/off as per your choice.

Example- If you don’t want to get notification from mail app. Then, turn off the mail. You can also disable the lock screen.

You can watch this YouTube Video to see practical of this process-

I think that your background apps are disabled. Now, you can enjoy with Windows 10 and good speed of internet. Because, Windows 10 is so fast, but its background apps are slow. If you have any queries or doubt. Definitely, you can ask.

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